New Collaboration between Metric Gaming and Snabbis

New Collaboration between Metric Gaming and Snabbis

New Collaboration between Metric Gaming and Snabbis

Snabbis’s sports iBetting platform was put together with the use of Metric Gaming’s b2b sportsbook and gaming facilities. Metric Gaming will also contribute to the task of meeting the legislation and license requirements of different European countries.

There are various reasons to choose Metric Gaming as a partner because the company enables its clients to have an unprecedented number of 2k bets in a second. Metric will also offer Snabbis professional analytical tools and interface customization options. Last but not least Metric Gaming enables bookmakers to use a revolutionary level of automatization.

Metric Gaming’s Chief Executive Officer Mr. Jim Supple noted that they are proud to cooperate with Snabbis on their sportsbook. He also stressed that they will assist Snabbis to offer high-quality services and products to their customers as well as to adapt the sportsbook to the unique gambling and betting regulations of multiple countries.

Mr. Supple is sure that their cooperation will be beneficial for Snabbis in gaining an advantage over their competitors and enhance their success in the iGaming industry.

Using the experience of their online casino opened 2 years ago Snabbis will incorporate the personalized customer service tools to provide its clients with the best gaming experience.

Mr. Max Falkman, Snabbis’s Managing director believes that collaboration with Metric Gaming will ensure their success in the new markets and attract more customers. He also highlights that the 2 companies have similar visions regarding the development of the iGaming industry and the company will look forward to further cooperation opportunities with Metric Gaming.

Metric Gaming’s services are well known among the major players of the industry. Many prominent brands are already using its multi-tenant platform.

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