NJDGE announces new problem gambling initiatives

NJDGE announces new problem gambling initiatives

NJDGE announces new problem gambling initiatives

The NJDGE has recently announced several programs aimed at reducing problem gambling rates in the state.

With the launch of its three new initiatives, the regulator set out the goal of creating a new coordinating role dedicated to safe gambling, establishing new laws for gambling promotions, and streamlining local players’ access to self-exclusion schemes.

In terms of the first objective, the DGE is planning on creating the position of a Responsible Gambling Coordinator, which it plans on tasking with the creation of new safe gambling initiatives, as well as the assurance of the progress and success of existing ones.

The regulator also aims to establish new gambling advertising laws, which will make responsible gambling messaging more visible on various promotional materials. As part of the new requirements, the jurisdiction’s problem gambling hotline will have to be displayed in a noticable fashion in all advertisements, while all misleading claims of guaranteed or no-risk rewards will have to be removed.

Additionally, gambling firms will have to clarify any betting requirements in their T&Cs and not display advertisements in places where people under the age of 21 may view them. Companies will also have to provide a way for people to completely opt out of receiving such promotions.

Lastly, the enhancements to the state’s self-exclusion scheme will involve adding the ability for players to enroll via a video call instead of having to sign up in person. Moreover, the regulator also aims to establish a hotline for people who may have questions about the self-exclusion program in the near future.

NJDGE’s Attorney General, Matthew Platkin, stated:

“With the rapid expansion of the gambling sector of our state, the scale of our duties of keeping our local players safe expands at a similar rate. Through the launch of our latest few initiatives, especially the establishment of a dedicated Responsible Gambling Coordinator, we are demonstrating our dedication to the cause. Combined with our previous programs, we will be able to further enhance our player protections and help those affected by gamlbing problems to access help more easily.”

NJDGE’s Director, David Rebuck, remarked:

“Over the past little while, New Jersey’s gambling industry has been growing at an unprecedented pace, which means that we need to match the enhancement and expansion rate of our responsible gambling efforts, as it is our mission to safeguard our players from gambling problems. For those that already have these types of issues, we need to enhance their access to help mechanisms, such as self-sclusion schemes.”

This latest announcement follows the regulator’s previous commitments to alleviating problem gambling in the state. At the start of the year, the NJDGE started monitoring players’ behavior to identify signs of gambling problems, which is already being used to contact potential problem gamblers and offer them assistance.

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