NSoft releases new cash out solution

NSoft releases new cash out solution

Posted by: AffPapa

NSoft has announced that it will be providing a brand new feature that will make cashing out much simpler. All operators who utilize the platform will have the chance to provide players with this solution, as the feature is now being offered as a part of NSoft’s In-Play Betting MTS turnkey solution.

This feature is not entirely new since many operators have been providing a similar solution on their respective platforms for a while now. This time around, all operators who use the NSoft sportsbook platform specifically can provide this useful tool to players.

The cash out solution is made in real-time and provides players with the ability to calculate the amount that they are able to acquire if they do not want to let the bet take place. The solution does come with a few risks, but players tend to engage with this tool since it aids them in getting back a part of their initial bet.

This is a step in the right direction for all operators who make use of the NSoft sportsbook platform, since there have been several reports proving that cashing out is a good way to improve player engagement in general.

Through this new feature, all players have he ability to check whether their ticket is able to be cashed out or not through the operator’s mobile app or website. They are then able to decide if they want to cash out or not. This is an interesting new feature that all operators should surely look into, since it can have such a distinguished effect on player engagement.

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