PartnerMatrix – iGaming Voice by Yeva

PartnerMatrix – iGaming Voice by Yeva

PartnerMatrix – iGaming Voice by Yeva

In the latest installment of iGaming Voice, AffPapa talked to the Senior Sales Manager of PartnerMatrix, Artyom Matevosyan. He shared his insights on how iGaming operators can protect themselves against fraud, the benefits offered by the affiliate management software, and the key to the company’s success. 

Yeva: Although I’m sure the majority of our readers already know about PartnerMatrix, let’s begin our interview with a brief introduction to it. What does the company offer, Artyom?

PartnerMatrix offers a cutting-edge affiliate and agent management solution for the iGaming industry. What makes the solution great is that it perfectly suits both iGaming startups, as well as industry-leading names such as Bet-at-home, BC.Game, Winmasters, FBM, Holiganbet, and others. PartnerMatrix has been around for more than eight years, during which it has continuously developed into reliable software with a user-friendly interface.

Yeva: As the iGaming industry expands at pace, so does the prevalence of affiliate fraud. What solutions does PartnerMatrix offer its clients to help fight against fraudulent affiliates?

Great question: PartnerMatrix is the first one in the niche to offer a professional fraud-detecting mechanism within affiliate software. The system processes and analyzes a player’s betting behavior and keeps track of them. Then, whenever it detects a suspicious pattern, it alerts the admins to be vigilant and shows reasons why it thinks that a certain affiliate looks fraudulent.

Various fraudulent activities exist, with some being more prevalent and posing minimal risks, while others can cause significant harm to your business and operations. Initially, ParterMatrix’s security system strives to identify both typical and advanced threats. Moreover, whenever a novel form of fraud is identified, an additional module is incorporated into the system to enhance protection against such specific threats.

Yeva: Let’s talk about PartnerMatrix’s affiliate management software. How does it help operators expand the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns?

PartnerMatrix marketing tools are flexible enough for every market’s needs. Hence, they can target various regions being sure that the media can be at its peak effectiveness. Currently, affiliate marketing strategies strongly vary based on where those affiliates work. Because of that, it’s critical for operators to be able to offer different landing pages, as well as different deals based on GEO. This, and much more, is fully supported in the PartnerMatrix software.

Yeva: On its website, PartnerMatrix offers a selection of recommended affiliate partners to its clients. What criteria does the firm utilize to add affiliates and iGaming hubs/directories to its list of trusted partners?

It’s actually quite simple: we know every single one of them and their staff, personally, and we’ve seen them repeatedly prove how trustworthy they are. Of course, personal connection isn’t nearly enough, which is why we also rely on the quality of the traffic they bring to their clients. This is a bit of a delicate question, in the sense that we’re vigilant as to who to recommend. At the end of the day, they can either make our clients or break them.

Yeva: Could you tell our readers a bit about how PartnerMatrix’s agent management system works, and what benefits it offers to clients, Artyom?

You see, typically, agent software has to come with its own player account management systems, PAMs. PartnerMatrix is one of the few software in the industry that can integrate with any 3rd party software, giving operators a choice to make use of our handy tools with whatever PAM they’d be convenient with.

Yeva: PartnerMatrix’s solutions have been quite successful over their time on the market, having reached over 20 million players through over 100 thousand affiliates and agents. In your view, what was the most important factor that allowed the firm to achieve this level of success?

I think the key to our success is that from day one, the founders of PartnerMatrix have been devoted to the project and have focused all of their experience on creating something better. From the day I joined the team, I felt like they treated the project as their own, and never with the attitude of just an indifferent employee, working their hours and going home.

Yeva: The iGaming industry is expanding rapidly all around the world. How can PartnerMatrix’s solutions help its clients grow their international reach?

PartnerMatrix is closely following the industry trends to ensure that the product develops hand in hand with whatever the market needs at this moment (courtesy of our Marketing department). I believe the most effective way to achieve this is to constantly go to conferences, speak to new and interesting people (which there is no shortage of), and listen to what they have to say. But coming back to your question, since we have the trends from almost every market, we constantly adapt our system to make our clients fulfill their affiliates’ needs. I don’t want to open up the brackets too much, but that’s the reason we are flying all over the Atlantic to attend SiGMA Americas.

Yeva: Recently, you were promoted to PartnerMatrix’s Senior Sales Manager, for which I would like to extend my heartfelt congratulations, Artyom! So far, what do you like the most about your new position?

Thank you Yeva, I appreciate it. The new position entails more involvement in commercial decision-making, which is where I strive career-wise.

Yeva: Now that we’re nearing the end of our interview, I’m certain that our readers would like to learn a bit about you. What are some of your hobbies, Artyom?

I think everyone that knows me knows that I’m passionate about cooking, to say the least. Ever since I tried myself in the kitchen, it brought me joy like nothing else. Years and years of trial and error taught me that every single detail matters, no matter how trivial you would think it is. And I think I could easily project that to a sales cycle, there are certain ingredients you always need to keep, otherwise, the result won’t be tasty.

Company: PartnerMatrix
Interviewee: Artyom Matevosyan
Date: 14.06.2023

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