Pragmatic Play Comes Forward with Special Deals in Celebration of Bingo Day

Pragmatic Play Comes Forward with Special Deals in Celebration of Bingo Day

Posted by: AffPapa

Pragmatic Play promotes free bingo games and exclusive promotions to celebrate the first ever National Bingo Day in the UK

This year is the first time in UK history that Bingo Day is officially recognized as a national holiday, acknowledged by The Bingo Association and a number of major certified organizations.

With the initiation to celebrate this special occasion, Pragmatic Play has announced giving out special deals all throughout 25th June, which will include an absolutely free 1,000-euro bingo game, as well as a set of other free deals around 2-3 in the afternoon that day.

The sale will be up-for-grab within the network, with all of the network’s operators, including Lottoland and many others.

Pragmatic Play’s senior of bingo, Ezgi Erturk stated:

“Pragmatic Play is extremely delighted to be a part of the nation’s celebration of Bingo Day, and cannot wait to see the excitement amidst our players when they hear about this special promotion on a special day.”

A little while before this announcement, inspired by the US, Buzz and Mecca had partnered up in the name of Bingo Day with a mission to underline the importance to bring the covid-suffered commerses back to life, as well as the importance to boost engagement throughout the country in order to ameliorate the situation of the global bingo industry.

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