Promod Esports welcomed as new ESIC member

Promod Esports welcomed as new ESIC member

Posted by: AffPapa

Specialized eSports solutions supplier, providing connections between IP owners and their costumers – Promod Esports, has become the newest member at Esports Integrity Commission.

The membership will see Promod Esports add Esports Integrity Commission’s (ESIC) responsible gaming and corruption preventing codex to its site, prioritizing the popularization of responsible and ethical gambling in eSports.

Promod Esports is working with a ray of IP owners, which includes rights owners, game developing companies, along with other brands, with a mission to build live broadcast entertainment across the tournaments Promod offers, along with other products and services such as organized games & event management.

Starting the membership at ESIC is a crucial step for Promod Esports in its journey to reaffirming devotion to healthy competitive integrity, responsible gaming in global eSports, and most importantly, youth protection.

Promod’s President – Rob Black, added a statement about the partnership:

“I’ve always admired ESIC’s work and devotion in making eSports an ethical and secure sector for the youth globally.

By stepping into this partnership, our goal is to further reinforce our commitment to safe and responsible gaming and fighting corruption across eSports tournaments, further proving to our audience our viability.”

Esports Integrity Commission’s representative – Ian Smith, also welcomed the new member and stated:

“ESIC is excited to welcome Promod Esports to this membership, joining forces in our efforts towards promoting competitive integrity during eSports tournaments, and making eSports a protected space internationally.”

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