PST.NET Payment Solution for Affiliate Marketers

PST.NET Payment Solution for Affiliate Marketers

PST.NET Payment Solution for Affiliate Marketers

PST.NET allows affiliate marketers to avoid payment card bans and issue an unlimited number of cards on favorable terms. Click the link to find out more.

Affiliate marketing has been an integral part of the iGaming industry over the past few years, though it can be a real challenge to find a payment solution that will be reliable and user-friendly without having to deal with restrictions and limitations. 

And, of course, we wouldn’t raise an issue without presenting you with a solution.

What is PST.NET and what does it offer to affiliate marketers?

PST.NET is a financial service that issues payment cards in virtual form. The main advantage of this method is that the cards can easily pass through any fraud-checking services without a hitch, making them more reliable and insusceptible to artificially low spending limits, general transaction thresholds, and even risky purchase bans.

The service has quite a few innovative features. One of those is the presence of a physical equivalent for every card issued, ensuring a high degree of reliability. Each card will get a unique bank identification number as well. Furthermore, PST.NET also has one of the lowest commission rates for account fill-ups in the industry.

The solution is really simple to set up, requiring minimal effort to get started paying for advertisements or other products. It features a simple-to-use interface, which allows users to understand all the options provided to them. Acquiring the user’s first card should not take more than a couple of minutes. 

PST.NET only issues cards with “clean” and unique BINs… But what are BINs and why are they important?

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As an affiliate marketer, you have to remember to keep a lookout for potential payment fraud concerns… No matter what steps you may be taking, such as using private proxies or anti-detect browsers, they are usually not enough. The “clean reputation” of BINs, also known as Bank Identification Numbers, with regard to unpaid bills, abandoned accounts, and unethical or deceptive advertising is something you should not ignore (all factors checked by the anti-fraud systems on advertising platforms). The credibility of a BIN decreases if the cards with a certain BIN are regularly utilized for black affiliate advertising.  

Some extra features of the payment solution app include:

  • Acceptance of Bitcoin and Tether as forms of cryptocurrency deposits. Each top-up will incur a 2.9% commission, and a payment card issuance starting from $10.
  • Referral programs are offered, rewarding users for their first referral with a flat $5 bonus, 30% of the cost of issuance for all of their cards and 10% of each paid transaction cost.
  • Over a dozen different languages available on the app, making it easy to facilitate transactions for a more diverse group of people. 

And, finally, the feature that is exclusively available to our AffPapa readers! You can get the fifth payment card from the service for free. Just type AFFPAPA passcode in the support chat on the PST.NET website to claim yours today. 

1150 x 96

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