Punters lose hope in PM Johnson as number decreases to 69%

Punters lose hope in PM Johnson as number decreases to 69%

Posted by: AffPapa

According to Smarkets, the possibility of Boris Johnson and the European Union attaining an agreement seems to be slipping away further by the minute.

The betting exchange claims that a ‘no deal Brexit’ appears to be more likely with 69% of punters backing the possibility of a trade deal, compared to 90% last week, as bettors keep losing hope in Johnson’s ‘oven ready deal’. Conversations with the EU about these topics have a long way to go if anything remotely close to a deal is set to be agreed on, seeing as fishing, agriculture and the possible 2% drop in the UK’s GDP are all still prioritized on the agenda.

Patrick Flynn, Smarkets Political Analyst, commented: 

“The chance of a UK-EU trade agreement being struck this year is now around 69% at Smarkets having dropped in recent days after the UK and EU missed yet another deadline in trade talks on Sunday. 

This is a fast-moving situation, however, as these odds have improved by 24 points this morning alone. Regardless of whether a trade deal were to be agreed by both sides, MEPs would not have enough time to approve it, so it is unclear whether EU negotiators will want to agree to a deal before the end of the year – even if only a provisional one – without explicit support from the European Parliament. 

Besides Brexit, Boris Johnson is also facing a huge surge in coronavirus infections domestically, with countries in Europe and across the world closing their borders to the UK in response – a potential precursor to the chaos that could await in the event of a no-deal Brexit in January. The problems are piling up for Johnson, who is subsequently now at 37% to leave his post before the end of next year.”

Brexit is not the only challenge that Johnson faces this week, following the news that more than 40 countries have closed their borders to travellers from the UK.

PM Johnson is facing many other challenges this week after news broke out that over 40 countries have closed off their borders to UK travellers. This comes after the UK detected a new strain of COVID-19.

Punters’ confidence in Johnson as a leader is also beginning to diminish as the likelihood of him leaving office before the end of next year has also risen recently, now standing at 37%.

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