Raketech’s Q2 revenue surpasses €17m

Raketech’s Q2 revenue surpasses €17m

Raketech’s Q2 revenue surpasses €17m

The second quarter of the year was quite successful for Raketech.

The company’s revenue of 17.6 million euros in the second quarter of the year set a new record for the period, following a similarly successful performance in the first quarter of the year. The firm’s revenue increased by 56% from last year’s 11.3 million euro Q2 revenue. Raketech’s EBITDA experienced a similar increase of more than 44%, going from 3.8 million euros to 5.5 million euros. Its operating profit, meanwhile, grew by a smaller margin of only 25% from just under 2 million euros to 2.5 million euros.

Raketech was also able to produce excellent results in the year’s first half, during which it generated just under 33.4 million euros in revenue, up by almost 40% from 24 million euros generated in the first six months of the year prior. The firm’s EBITDA experienced a smaller increase of 30%, going from 8.9 million to 11.6 million euros in the half, while its operating profit went up by 22% from 5.2 million euros to 6.3 million euros.

The company detailed that the majority of its revenue was generated through its brands focusing on the gambling vertical at 14.3 million euros, while sports wagering generated only 3.4 million euros and experienced slight declines of 4.4% and 9.1% in Q2 and H1 respectively.

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