Residential Rehabilitation Program of GambleAware brings hope for Addicts

Residential Rehabilitation Program of GambleAware brings hope for Addicts

Posted by: AffPapa

We all know Gambling can go out of bounds if overdone. But it’s the addicted players that don’t notice. The flashing lights, the immediate satisfaction, the money stacks, seemingly disappearing. Not everyone can stop, as the pleasure center of the brain, the Amygdala and Prefrontal Cortex is activated immediately as you place a bet or await to.

Many don’t know they’re addicted, but others can see it shifting the individual for the worst. Many are working towards trying to help this problem. Attempting to fix it is never late. One of these companies is Gamble Aware, which is a British organization that offers endless support and consultation about such issues. They offer the right tactics, to best understand what can be done.

Therefore, GambleAware is now creating a Resident Rehabilitation Programme which will be part of the bigger National Gambling Treatment Service. It has opened a tender for pilot event, which essentially means it will involve a formal bidding process with different organizations and private or public bidders in treating victims with mental health issues. Some of these being substance abuse, or co-occurring disorders.

Proposals are open until the 16th of July, alongside an “Engagement Event”, that will be in the following two days after that, involving a Q&A for the involved or future participating betters. The winning project will be paid 1 million Euro’s during the time span of three years.

Nowadays in the modern world, many mental health conditions may be often misdiagnosed because they are hidden from loved ones, friends or the outside world. Many end up in debt and are unable to bring back their promised sums. It is important to acknowledge that with treatment, struggling individuals may be able to improve their problems by a full 90%.

“In today’s world, there are many gaps and distractions in treatment processes, with many mental comorbid health needs still being misrepresented or undiagnosed”,

said a GableAware statement.

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