Softgamings thrilled to receive new A1 license in Greece

Softgamings thrilled to receive new A1 license in Greece

Softgamings thrilled to receive new A1 license in Greece

Softgamings thrilled to receive new A1 license in Greece Exciting news has struck a well known casino platform maker, Softgamings, based in Riga, Latvia, which is a modern provider that works with and is supported by over 3000+ games and 150+ providers for clients.

It offers Turnkey and Bitcoin Casino, Self Service and White label software solutions aimed to give you a fun and cost-effective experience. Having success in its company field, Softgamings wanted to expand more to promote new opportunities for its clients and brands, but also to ensure that their safety and regulations are being updated and monitored. In the year of 2019, Greece set a new tone for gaming.

Co-working with Greece, the company now has a head-start in creating new partnerships. Within the country, gambling has been very strict throughout the years, especially online gambling, bet placing, with a 50,000 euro jackpot limit only. Therefore, making it in the Greek market has been challenging, for some, but not Softgamings, way to go! However, the country does still have quite a lot of price effective and alluring casino’s. Looking to grow its operators, in 2021, Softgamings applied for an A1 license application, and received it, meaning that the company will be able to work and expand its gaming for those who obtain or have recently obtained a gambling license in that country.

“Greece has recently been obtaining a much stronger pathway for gaming, and the company now being a licensed provider adds to that positive path ,”

says Irina Sazanova, director of Softgamings Partnerships.

Are you a casino website owner, do you have extreme intentions looking to promote yourself and your business? Many companies were probably not even sure that an A1 license could be obtained. Gambling and betting company owners, like rapid paces, clear deals and fantastic games that will catch your eye, and make it stay there. Gambling has come a long way from it being, mostly in manual form, starting from dice and cards, to now online betting approaches and extreme efficiency!! Hellenic Gaming Commission, the one providing the permit, deals with publishing and helping to create these new rules of monitoring sellers, buyers and clients.

The commission also works extra hard to forbid illegal and suspicious activity in the gambling world. You wouldn’t want to get cheated would you? This organization serves fairness into its operations and cooperating companies. This a1 award ensures the professionalism represented by Softgamings, and its ability to achieve a more thorough and elevated level in where they stand against other competitors.

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