SOFTSWISS reaches the 1,000-employee milestone

SOFTSWISS reaches the 1,000-employee milestone

SOFTSWISS reaches the 1,000-employee milestone

SOFTSWISS, provider of software solutions in the gaming industry, proudly announces about enlarging his team to over 1000 workers.

Professional team members are required for such an advanced and constantly growing company like SOFTSWISS in order to take the leading position in the gaming market. Since the beginning of the current year, the company has doubled the number of its employees.

During the previous year some important events resulted in business development. It’s important to note that in the current year SOFTSWISS extended its own location by establishing new headquarters in Georgia and in the Republic of Poland. Currently, around 80% of total the workers are citizens of Belarus, though it enrolls workers from various states.

Based and developed in Belarus, it has workers presenting Georgia, Russia, and also Ukraine. Countries having employees at SOFTSWISS include Bali, Australia, Germany, Brazil, Lithuania, Serbia, Latvia, Malta, Portugal, Greece, Nigeria as well, who work remotely.

Due to the unveiling of brand-new products, SOFTSWISS has been growing continually. The sportsbook of SOFTSWISS was released in December of last year, but the product got promoted in 2021. Throughout this period of time the SOFTSWISS team has tripled its number. In addition to that, SOFTSWISS designed the Jackpot Aggregator.

Among promptly developing groups is Managed Services. In a year, it has a growth of 60%: from 90 employees to 150. The group was awarded with EGR due to the influence of its progress.

The founder of the business, Ivan Montik stated:

“In this month SOFTSWISS had reached an essential milestone. Yet at the beginning of the current year, we were around 500. Currently, our family reaches 1,000 individuals. Our team collected trusted, devoted and talented individuals who have the same circle of values. We joined to reach our goals together and design the best products in the gaming industry. It’s an honor to be one of such wonderful staff, and I’m thankful for everyone’s efforts and hard work.

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