SOFTSWISS releases latest Jackpot Aggregator

SOFTSWISS releases latest Jackpot Aggregator

SOFTSWISS releases latest Jackpot Aggregator

The global solutions development firm – Softswiss, is thrilled to come forward with its latest jackpot product: Jackpot Aggregator – an innovative solution for generating jackpots.

Softswiss’ latest product release: Jackpot Aggregator, is an exclusive jackpot product that will help casino operators, aggregators and game providers to generate an unlimited number of jackpots all at once.

The SOFTSWISS Jackpot Aggregator will help apply jackpot campaigns for partners who prioritize their players. A jackpot system will be at disposal for every customer for creating and managing their jackpots.

The clients of Softswiss will be able to generate any type of jackpot campaign, starting from a simple one with only a few features, up to more complicated ones, which consider a multitude of aspects for operations.

The new jackpot aggregator introduces a set of unique features, which can be utilized to aim both at boosting the appeal of the casino and the brand for a target segment. In short, through this product, operators can both attract new players and further engage the existing audience.

The SOFTSWISS Jackpot Aggregator introduces three main things:

  1. Flexible Jackpot Templates: pre-built settings and adaptable jackpot parameters.
  2. Player consolidation: creating new gaming teams and cooperating with groups of casino players.
  3. Detailed statistics: information on jackpot campaign status and more.

From the point of view of the players, they access an opportunity to be winning more than one jackpot campaign at a time, increasing their odds of winning to the max.

SOFTSWISS’ founder – Ivan Montik, stated on the newest product launch:

“We’re putting the entirety of our knowledge and expertise of the iGaming industry that the firm has collected over the course of the years of fruitful operations into the SOFTSWISS Jackpot Aggregator.

I am confident that the features brought by this product, which we developed cooperating with our clients, will surely aid them in achieving their biggest ambitions.”

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