SOFTSWISS’s satisfaction survey of its customers

SOFTSWISS’s satisfaction survey of its customers

SOFTSWISS’s satisfaction survey of its customers

According to a poll performed on behalf of SOFTSWISS by a marketing research agency – Kantar Ukraine – to evaluate customer satisfaction, one of the company’s determining elements is top-notch customer service.

The questionnaire took place from August to September of 2021. SOFTSWISS’s primary goal was to determine which components are most important to its customers, what they aspire to have in their lives, and how happy they are with SOFTSWISS products compared to the competition.

When respondents were asked to rank the importance of different factors, the following attributes were considered to be among the most significant:

  • Response time, problems resolved quickly (9.2)
  • Assist in earning money (8.9)
  • Rapid and straightforward communication with managers (8.8)
  • Service at the highest level (8.8)
  • Possibility of running a successful and profitable company (8.7)

Respondents listed “the growth of the entertainment and gaming business” (7.6), “leading iGaming provider” status (7.4), and the ability to receive “a positive effect on their identity from collaboration” as being among the minor essential qualities when choosing partners (6.8).

Client trust is the cornerstone of SOFTSWISS’s success, which is why word-of-mouth recommendations are essential. But more recently, people are turning to social media, blogs, and newsletters as sources of information about software providers. 

SOFTSWISS always strives to provide both the experience and creativity that players have come to expect and top-notch customer service.

​​In comparison to its competitors, SOFTSWISS excels in the following areas:

  • SOFTSWISS is regarded as a long-term business partner.
  • Through account managers, the organization ensures easy and quick communication.
  • SOFTSWISS provides clients with iGaming-related information.
  • Allows you to manage a successful and lucrative business by providing services and goods that satisfy your clients’ demands.
  • During the conversation, SOFTSWISS workers display a high degree of professionalism and experience.

Based on the following analysis of the company’s competition, their competitors are significantly inferior to SOFTSWISS: “potential to conduct profitable business,” “high professionalism and knowledge,” and “maximum involvement of the company representative.”

Valentina Bagniya, SOFTSWISS’ Chief Marketing Officer, stated:

“Learning the demands and views of one’s core demographic is the key to a company’s or brand’s development. Our prime objective in conducting this study was to determine the most important aspects of goods and services that display the characteristics of choice and loyalty. We also sought to evaluate SOFTSWISS’s potential for development and enhancement. We are, without a doubt, satisfied with the outcomes and the useful information gathered. It’s gratifying seeing that our positioning corresponds to our clients’ demands and expectations. What’s more noteworthy, the survey findings corroborated the top ratings we’ve gotten in previous award nominations.”

Among the features most valued by customers when choosing an online casino platform in the top 5 are:

  • Various payment systems support (9.4)
  • Reporting on finances (9.0)
  • Flexibility in setting bonuses (8.8)
  • Management of payment systems (8.7)
  • Variety of gaming providers (8.6)

The SOFTSWISS casino online platform has succeeded in becoming one of the best, placing itself among industry leaders by providing its users with high-quality games, detailed financial reports, and licenses. It is also an excellent choice for anyone looking for excellent customer service. This score is 1.3 points greater than the average of competitors.

This is backed up by SOFTSWISS’ nominations for Best Customer Service Company of the Year at the International Gaming Awards (IGA) and Best Customer Service of the Year at the Starlet Awards this year.

To sum up, the main reason for choosing SOFTSWISS was their account managers’ ease of contact and assistance. The company also has an extensive selection of complementary goods and services, quick responses to customer inquiries, and a gaming license. SOFTSWISS benefits seem to be improving across the board, including cryptocurrency support with an extensive reach.


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