SPiCE India 2023 continued its excitement into day 3

SPiCE India 2023 continued its excitement into day 3

SPiCE India 2023 continued its excitement into day 3

The recently concluded SPiCE India 2023 event continued to have an enthusiastic atmosphere as participants prepared for its end.

Following two productive and memorable days, the third one started with an opening speech by Christina Thakor-Rankin about the significance of partnerships in the industry. She also shared some of her insights on the upcoming discussions that would take place shortly.

Then Anish Lakhani hosted a presentation about the nearly 30% tax rate for Indian iGaming businesses, followed by another discussion about taxes hosted by Srinivas Kotni.

Attendees went on a short coffee break after the productive morning session, during which the exhibition halls were full of interested professionals checking out the offerings of the exhibitors. The break was also an excellent networking opportunity, as many participants talked to new people and discussed various topics with them.

The afternoon session began with a discussion panel that covered the topic of the Asian iGaming market. Its participants shared their insights on the future of the region and the opportunities it presents.

Next up, a panel discussing the importance of improving games and the players’ experiences was held. This was then followed by a panel covering the opportunities for development studios in the country and how they can take advantage of the market’s immense potential.

The fourth and final discussion panel covered the mass adoption of the latest mobile communications standards and how the estimated figure of 100 million Indians having access to 5G by the end of 2023 can help the industry grow at pace.

After the productive three days at the event, its attendees prepared for its awards ceremony, the SPiCE India Eventus Awards, which added even more excitement and brought the conference to a close on quite a high note.

SPiCE India will make a comeback next year at the end of February, building on its successful 2023 edition to deliver a high-quality experience. Learn more about it on the event’s official website. Check out other gambling conferences here.

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