STS reveals new ‘Betbooster’ widget

STS reveals new ‘Betbooster’ widget

STS reveals new ‘Betbooster’ widget

STS , the leading Polish bookmaker, has unveiled the launch of its brand new Betbooster innovation. The widget simplifies betting and renders the experience much more pleasant for customers, all while supplying them with more knowledge about specific sports events. STS, which has exclusive rights to the product in Poland, is also one of the first three companies in the whole world to introduce this kind of solution.

The operation of the latest STS widget is based on artificial intelligence, more specifically, machine learning, which is an area dedicated to algorithms that ameliorate automatically through their experience. The authors’ aim is to make it simpler and more enjoyable for bettors to foretell the results of sports competitions.

For instance, a player wants to bet on the final result of a match between Team X and Team Y. They enter the bet upon which point the Betbooster comes into play. The widget will display to the bettor some of the most interesting statistics on matches between X and Y and will specify bets based on such statistics. If X scored more than two goals in each of its last four matches against Y, the customer will see a hint to place that bet, despite the fact that bookmakers deduce that the most possible result is that team X scores fewer goals in the match concerned.

As of now, the widget can only be used on the desktop version of the bookmaker’s website. It will also be made available through the STS app and the mobile version of the website in the next few weeks. The introduction of Betbooster to iOS and Android, as well as to STS websites in Poland and abroad, is a major step in the company’s technological development.

During the first phase of implementation, Betbooster will be available for the entire array of STS football matches (both live and pre-match) and soon for tennis bets. In the upcoming few months, the widget will propose bets to bettors in many other sports disciplines.

Mateusz Juroszek, president and owner of STS, said: “STS has once again strengthened its position as the most technologically advanced and innovative bookmaker in the country. It is also another step on the way to further consistent and effective development of our competitive advantages in Poland and in foreign markets.”

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