SUPREMO – iGaming Voice by Yeva

SUPREMO – iGaming Voice by Yeva

SUPREMO – iGaming Voice by Yeva

In a detailed interview with AffPapa, the affiliate manager at SUPREMO – Emil, talked about the challenges of being a beginner in the iGaming industry, as well as shared some insight for casino operators and affiliates.

Yeva: What sets SUPREMO apart from other casino operators? What are your company’s main values / philosophy?

SUPREMO is a new generation casino. We are aiming to be the best by offering the unique player experience ever since landing on our page. SUPREMO is all about keeping up with the industry trends and attracting the younger audience. Our Exclusive game developed by Evolution’s Red Tiger sets us immediately ahead of our competitors. SUPREMO is also Crypto friendly, offering huge incentives to crypto players.

Yeva: How important is player engagement for SUPREMO? What are the measures you take to keep your players engaged?

We have an in-house call center that is taking care of our players on a daily basis. Our call centers include customer support, VIP Managers and customer success representatives. The last two are engaging our players every day, offering them various bonuses and offers.

Yeva: What’s the most attractive offer/deal you currently have for your players?

150% Bonus up to 3000 EUR when depositing with crypto.

Yeva: Could you tell us a bit about the challenges you’ve faced as a casino provider in the iGaming industry?

Getting the promotions right so they cover the whole spectrum of players was difficult in the beginning but now we’re on top of it – with our segmentation rules the promotions work flawlessly. Getting recognition as a new brand was also not an easy task but with the help of our distinct brand and mascot, we managed to get prominence across various channels.

Yeva: What motivates you the most in your business?

The everyday battle to improve yourself, make your brand and affiliate program the best one out there is what goes through your mind and gives you the motivation to go out there and get it.

Yeva: What changes would you like to see in the iGaming industry in the future?

Operators should keep on improving the responsible gambling piece and never forget that the main purpose of the casinos is for players to have fun and be entertained.

Yeva: What’s a piece of advice you’d give to iGaming operator startups?

Don’t let the FOMO get you. Missing out on one deal is not the end of the world, don’t jump into something without thinking twice.

Yeva: Let’s talk a bit about your affiliate program as well, was SUPREMO Affiliates always this successful? What were the early challenges?

Like every business out there, the start is the hardest part. You have to work very hard to make it.

The biggest challenge we had was that we are a brand-new player on the market, this is our first brand and nobody was aware of who we are, so we had to build our reputation and earn the trust of our affiliates and players.

Yeva: Why choose SUPREMO Affiliates? What sets it apart from other Casino Affiliate Programs?

The thing that will make you pick SUPREMO Affiliates is the way you’d be treated. We care about each and every one of our affiliates, no matter how small or big you are, you are as equal as the rest. The Affiliate Managers are available almost 24/7 (we need to sleep as well).

Yeva: On your affiliate website, you have Hybrid and CPA commission models, which one is more popular among your affiliates?

Most of our affiliates prefer the Hybrid model. Because of the player retention we have, that is making the deal more profitable for themselves and as long as the affiliates are happy and bring traffic to us, we are happy as well.

Yeva: If this is not a secret, what’s the highest commission you have ever offered to an affiliate?

The highest commission we have offered is 50%, we do that with affiliates that have proved themselves to be worthy for that offer. If you manage to bring the player quality we look for, come over and we’ll set you up!

Yeva: What’s a piece of advice you’d like to give to all Casino Affiliates signing up for affiliate programs?

Always reach out to the affiliate team and discuss optimization of the partnership. Signing up alone rarely leads to successful partnerships.

Yeva: What would you like to see in your future partnerships?

Relationships are the most important thing in a partnership with a program. We do value our partnerships, and this is why we are always open to suggestions for things that we do and don’t do correctly. Feedback is extremely appreciated here.

Yeva: Could you tell us in vague detail about your worst and best experiences with casino affiliates?

The worst experiences are those where affiliates are asking for numbers that are not matching what they can deliver. On the other hand, affiliates that are totally transparent with you, understand your needs and are open to discussions, are those that you can work the best with.

Yeva: In more lighthearted questions; is there a specific inspiration behind the SUPREMO bunny? Are you thinking about rebranding/redesigning your website in the future?

We all had the shared goal of creating a character who would be much more than a mascot. We wanted an ambassador who would represent our brand and bring it to life. When we thought about the combination of personalities that would best fit The Bunny, we narrowed it down to the likes of Stewie & Brian from ‘Family Guy’, as well as a few others.  Ultimately though, The Bunny does his own thing and has come to life in his own, unique way. He lives each day without the regrets of yesterday or the worries of tomorrow. I think we could all learn a thing or two from him. You can find everything about our CPO (Chief Party Officer) here

Are you thinking about rebranding/redesigning your website in the future?

This industry is constantly evolving and we relish any opportunity that will result in us being the ultimate online casino destination for players. We’re currently prioritizing the player experience but we’ll always choose to act if it means enhancing our design to make us look even more ‘SUPREMO’.

Yeva: Could you please tell us a bit about yourself as an individual? What are your hobbies, ambitions and drive in life?

Running out of the cliche that I’ve been a gambler myself my whole life. I’m a huge football fan. Sports is what I’m passionate about. I’ve been supporting Liverpool FC for a very long time.

Company: SUPREMO
Interviewee: Emil Brankov
Date: 16.08.2021


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