Survey reveals only 5% of Swedes know how to check operator license

Survey reveals only 5% of Swedes know how to check operator license

Survey reveals only 5% of Swedes know how to check operator license

A new survey has revealed that only 5% of Swedes know how to check weather an operator is licensed or not.  

The survey has been conducted on 1737 Swedes, 1139 being gamblers, and has unveiled shocking results. Only 2% of the respondents said they would check the operators website, 1% said they would check Spelinspektionens website, 1% said they would Google it and a stunning 95% of them did not know how to make sure an operator has a licence to operate in their country or not.  

Statistics revealed that 80% said they had not played with an unlicensed operator in 2020 while 3% said they had indeed, and 17% stated they did not know whether they had or not. 

 43% of respondents have likewise stated that they had no idea about the existence of self-exclusion tools like Selpaus. The same question had previously revealed that 50% were not aware.  

Other shocking results revealed that 67% could not name any advantages to playing with a licenced operator versus an unlicensed one. Of the remaining 33%, 15% listed safety, 4% said that licensed operators pay taxes in Sweden and 1% said that Swedish law is applied to the licensed operators. 

 Moreover, the survey takers were asked who they would go to in order to solve a problem with an operator. 81% said they had no idea, while 6% said theyd talk to the operator directly, 3% to the gambling addiction helpline, 3% the consumer agency Konsumentombudsmannen and 2% to Spelinspektionen. 

 Spelinspektionen has launched an awareness campaign to shed light on the topic of unlicensed operators and spread awareness about the existence of tools such as Selpaus.  

The survey also revealed that there has been an increase in gambling in Sweden, seeing as it has grown by 6% to attain 66% as of late. 28% of them said they gambled multiple times a week, while 1% said they gambled on a daily basis. 

Those who do not gamble were asked to state their reasons, with 29% saying they never win, 17% said they didnt really trust the gaming industry, 20% said they were tired of gambling, 11% said they were not interested in gaming and 6% stated they were put off by the excess of advertisements. 

 Subsequently, the survey also disclosed the most popular methods of gambling, of which 61% went to lotteries, 32% were racing bettors, 22% were sports events bettors, 18% played bingo, 11% casino games and 9% went to poker. 

Bingo was the only game more popular with women than with men, with sports betting and poker being most popular among younger players, and lotteries and racing among older players. 

 When asked about location, 79% -the majority- of gamblers played from home, while 25% played at newsagents and 4% at their jobs or at school. 

 For the reason behind their gambling, 62% said they did it for fun, 30% were trying to get big wins, and another 30% stated they liked to have the probability of winning. 15% did it to earn money for daily use, 11% to use the money for good causes and 11% claimed a social aspect. 

 Svenska Spel was revealed to be the most popular operator for online players with 55% claiming it as their favourite. This is a decline as Svenska Spel had acquired 63% in the previous year. 

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