Swedish sports will form a united anti-corruption program with RF driving its growth

Swedish sports will form a united anti-corruption program with RF driving its growth

Posted by: AffPapa

A brand-new anti-corruption program is to be developed by Swedish sports top regulatory organizations which will be driven by Riksidrottsförbundet (RF) – Sweden’s Sports Confederation. The program will encourage internal collaboration to help investigate match-fixing and other threats.

RF is responsible for installing precautionary measures to protect the country’s pro-sports from match-fixing threats and deception. The governing bodies of many of Sweden’s sports associations/federations have unanimously endorsed RF’s new mandate.

Even though specific anti-match-fixing programs cover most Swedish professional sports, advocates of the framework claimed that the national sporting scene needs a scheme that will undertake precautionary work and assist match-fixing inspections in the future. The ways in which RF plans to do so is by creating a new unified educational campaign. This will educate athletes about the threats of match-making and unlawful betting. RF will also provide a shared platform for Swedish governing organizations to exchange data, knowledge, and methodologies to ensure sporting integrity.

Jakob Uddeholt, coordinator for match-fixing, the Swedish Sports Confederation, said:

“The suggestion of the inspections implies more opportunity for sports to engage with the problem, but it also means greater obligations on us to be ready to handle it. The specific sports federations are ready to satisfy such objectives by establishing plans and work based on them.”

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