The Ultimate Casino Bonus Guide for iGaming Operators

The Ultimate Casino Bonus Guide for iGaming Operators

The Ultimate Casino Bonus Guide for iGaming Operators

A comprehensive online casino bonus guide for operators on ways to leverage bonuses to attract new players, retain existing ones and prevent bonus abuse.

Are you striving to leverage online casino bonuses to engage loyal players who genuinely love the game? Casino marketing experts focus on engaging qualified leads because they know that non-targeted traffic is unlikely to bring the expected outcome. If you target a generic audience of players, chances are you’ll stumble upon bonus seekers. Having a solid online casino bonus strategy in place will help you bring such cases to a minimum. To explore popular bonuses, plus useful tips that’ll help you to engage the right audience, let’s dive deeper into this insightful online casino bonus guide.

What are Online Casino Bonuses

Bonuses are benefits operators offer to players in order to attract them and drive engagement. Generous perks like welcome, loyalty, achievement bonuses and others engage both low-budget punters and those who play with big money. So, if you’re an operator looking to expand your business, you should definitely consider applying a tailored bonus strategy thus bolstering loyal customer engagement.

How to Use Bonuses to Engage and Retain Players

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Personalized offers like loyalty or achievement bonuses, as well as birthday offers are tried-and-true ways to engage punters and keep them in play. Once punters are in, you can track their online activity and come up with attractive bonuses such as free spins, cashback at the right moment. Just be sure to make data-driven decisions based on the records of each step taken. Then, wind up the journey by offering the treasured bonus. 

Of course, having a solid bonus system is the cornerstone to success but advertising your offerings is as much important. In this regard, make sure to apply effective online casino marketing techniques to promote the bonuses and other benefits your company has to offer.

How to prevent abuse of bonuses & commissions?

Engaging players should not be an end in itself. As an operator, you should aim for attracting an audience that enjoys the thrill of online gaming. First and foremost, try to bypass bonus hunters – players whose primary purpose is to sign up, grab a bonus and leave without further ado. Do you want to learn exactly how casino bonuses work and get to know some tricks that’ll help you avoid bonus seekers? Let’s elaborate on four major steps.

Define minimum betting requirements

Wager requirements define how many times players must bet before they’re allowed to withdraw their winnings. Suppose a player gets a $100 welcome bonus upon signup, they must play x times before they’ll reserve the right to withdraw the money. This threshold varies per online casino and per game. Due to setting out minimal betting requirements, your players will already have engagement with your online casino before they can withdraw the available amount.

Set withdrawal limits 

Cashout limits is another strategy that enables online casinos to avoid bonus abusers, dirty money laundering cases, as well as financial risks. Limit the amount to be withdrawn per each day or each week. This will help you better manage the finances so when someone wins big, your establishment will still have control over its financial assets.

Identify multi-accounts

Multi-accounting is a problem for different businesses and iGaming is no exception. As usual, this is one of the strategies that bonus abusers make use of in order to manipulate the systems. Specifically, players create multiple accounts to constantly avail of various perks, take tournaments with beginners while being an advanced player, bet on different outcomes in bookies, as well as circumvent account bans.

Prevent malicious affiliation

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Players are not the only ones who employ unfair practices towards operators. There are common patterns of affiliates’ cheating, so it’s imperative to know how to prevent iGaming affiliate fraud as an operator. Basically, affiliates can apply tricks towards the affiliate programs they’re involved in, especially when they partner according to the cost-per-acquisition – CPA commission model. For more details on commissions, take a look at our iGaming affiliates commission guide. 

To get high commissions, they’ll create multiple accounts by registering fake users with stolen IDs and send unreal traffic to the branded casinos thus leaving operators/affiliate programs with bad traffic. Things get worse when affiliates grab welcome bonuses sent to these fake accounts and leave right off the bat.

Malicious affiliation is a major concern for affiliate programs. One of the possible workarounds to this problem is partnering with top-tier affiliates who strive for long-term collaboration. Nonetheless, you should always conduct extensive research before entering into a partnership agreement with an affiliate.

To identify potential affiliate partners, you can visit AffPapa – the ultimate iGaming directory which offers a large catalog of the best iGaming affiliates and operators with advanced filters at your disposal.

Popular types of casino bonuses

Operators offer multiple types of online casino bonuses to engage players and retain the existing ones. Players, in turn, love attractive perks so the bonus system is one of the main points they consider when looking for entertaining casinos.

Welcome Bonuses

Welcome bonuses are among the most used bonus types. Otherwise called online casino sign-up bonus, the mentioned bonus type is especially useful for low-budget players. It grants them the opportunity to wager at higher stakes with a lower initial investment. Because virtually all casinos leverage welcome bonuses, the ones who can’t afford them risk falling behind the competition.

No Deposit casino bonus

As the name itself suggests, no deposit bonus is a casino welcome offer players can avail of without making any deposits. This is a brilliant opportunity for players to start betting with zero initial investment and for casinos which need to stand out in a highly competitive market.

Achievement Bonuses 

Achievement bonuses are rewards granted to players after they pass certain milestones by completing specific tasks. These are among the best online casino bonuses that enhance the thrill of online gambling and allow casinos not only to attract players but also to retain them. The drive for consecutive achievements pushes players to continue their exciting in-play experiences.

Loyalty bonuses

Loyalty bonuses are an effective player retention strategy aimed at rewarding loyal players. Rewards can be gifts on special occasions, birthday gifts, loyalty gift cards, vouchers and more.


Casino cashback bonuses are refunds intended to reward players a certain percentage of the lost amount for a specified period. Cashback rates differ from operator to operator typically ranging from 15 to 25%. Rates also vary per game so if you wish to provide this bonus, be sure to set out the details clearly in your terms.

Free Spins

Free spins are among the best casino bonuses online gamblers love. This bonus type gives a brilliant chance to win without the risk of losing just like in the case of no deposit free spins. The amount of free trials is usually case-specific, meaning it can differ per casino, per game and other circumstances. That’s why if you’re planning to offer your players free spins, you should define the terms transparently on your website.

Transparency of bonus terms 

Players should be well-versed in all the benefits they can claim for so transparency is key. Setting terms transparently also helps bypass bonus abusers because once they get to know your robust system, they’ll realize there’s no point in even trying to manipulate it. 

Set out minimum betting requirements

It’s essential to state the minimum wager amount on your website so that players get an idea of how much they should invest for a start. Suppose a player receives a welcome bonus upon signup, he/she should know how the betting requirement is compared against the welcome bonus amount. In order to prevent bonus abuse, some casinos set a benchmark of x times or x amount to wager before players can claim the right to withdraw.

Define cashout limits

Casinos set withdrawal limits for a specified period in order to have better control over their finances, circumvent bonus hunters and contribute to fighting money laundering. As an operator, make sure to be transparent stating the cashout limits so that players have a better insight into what they should expect. Bonus abusers, in their turn, will not count on your casino as a good target for manipulations.

Set payment method limitations

Players should also have an understanding of payment method restrictions. Some payment methods are limited in terms of bonus availability. For instance, operators don’t usually provide bonuses to players that use electronic wallets for deposits and withdrawals.

Define the timeframe

Last but not least, make sure to define the timeframe during which the provided bonus is effective. If bonuses are effective for a week, for example, make sure to state it clearly in your terms.

Bonuses are perks promoted to engage players and retain the ones that are already in play. As an operator, you should leverage bonuses and affiliate commissions wisely so that abusers have no idea of how to manipulate your system. You should state your bonus terms clearly which will ensure a better introduction of players to your service, and help keep bonus abusers away from your casino. When it comes to affiliates, leveraging robust casino affiliate management software and finding a professional affiliate manager will lay the foundation for starting off successfully. 

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