Traffic Cake interviews Julia Logan

Traffic Cake interviews Julia Logan

Traffic Cake interviews Julia Logan

Traffic Cake has recently launched a new series of short interviews, with its first edition featuring SEO consultant Julia Logan.

This new series of interviews, coined Small Talk by the affiliate, will feature only two questions, through which its guests will be sharing their knowledge in a short and easy-to-understand format.

The inaugural edition of the series features Julia Logan, commonly known on the internet as IrishWonder, who is an experienced SEO consultant with around two decades of experience in the field. She is the Chief Executive and founder of Zangoose Digital, an SEO agency specializing in the most competitive industries and verticals in the world.

What are the main rules in SEO you could highlight?

“The basic rules of SEO have not changed drastically in a long while – it’s always content, crawlability/indexability, links. While how exactly we approach these 3 can change, these elements are always and still the key.

It’s also very important to watch closely the SERPs where you are trying to rank – this is how you can spot all the ongoing developments relevant for your niche. That said, another tip would be to never blindly apply any general advice to your particular site or niche, because for different sites and niches things can be very different.”

And also what’s your biggest insight into SEO lately?

“The biggest insight into SEO as of lately would be, AI is definitely not the death of SEO or organic traffic. On one hand people give AI too much credit and expect it to do the things it’s not even supposed to do. On the other hand, AI gets things wrong when it’s expected to do what it’s not designed to do and people get disappointed.

AI is here to stay, there is no doubt about it, but if you know really well what you are doing, know your niche inside out, AI won’t be able to replace you or take away your traffic – unless you’re one of those “SEO experts” handing out general advice.

Sure, you may need to look into optimizing for new interfaces, not just the traditional search engines we are all used to dealing with – but the key to being a successful SEO has always been adaptability.”

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