TurnkeyExpos – iGaming Voice by Yeva

TurnkeyExpos – iGaming Voice by Yeva

TurnkeyExpos – iGaming Voice by Yeva

This week on iGaming Voice, AffPapa had the chance to speak with the Director of Sales at TurnkeyExpos, Miguel Spiteri. He talked about how the concept of TurnkeyExpos came about, the ways iGaming events have changed over time, and how the company helps its clients prepare for various conferences.

Yeva: Miguel, could you please give us a quick overview of TurnkeyExpos? How did it all start?

TurnkeyExpos was a concept our team worked on for a long time before it was created. We strived to offer a holistic service to clients when attending expos. We had already worked on these through our sister companies Print&Merchandise and Myeventplanner, so TurnkeyExpos was a natural step for us.

Our team is now able to offer all companies exhibiting any expo, a full 360 degrees service. This includes our innovative stand design and building, branded merchandise, promotional or support staff, networking events and a contact person that is physically available on the expo floor.

Yeva: How does working with TurnkeyExpos benefit the customer?

Following from the previous answer, the main thing setting us apart is the fact that we offer a number of services all done in-house. Our account managers will make sure that all your requests would be met. From stand building to printed merchandise. We are there for everything you might need. This makes it easier for all our clients. Having one team looking after all your needs. Furthermore, your account manager is on-site with you, ensuring that once you get to the stand, there are no loose ends.

Yeva: What are some of TurnkeyExpos’ most popular services, Miguel?

I would say our stand design and building is our most popular services. Our top notch design team is able to create innovative concepts that make our clients stand out in any expo.

This is closely followed by our international side event organizing. Our team has created some amazing experiences in the past years for our clients and their guests.

Yeva: Apart from the iGaming sector, what other industries does TurnkeyExpos operate within? Are there any major differences between one to the other?

Apart from iGaming, we mostly work within the payments, blockchain and pharmaceutical industries. Every industry is incredibly different from the other. Gaming shows are special just because of the efforts that go into making sure each brand has an edge over the rest. Obviously dealing with clients in different industries is pretty similar for us, the major differences is in the design and building of the stands. Within the iGaming industry, the projects tend to be more grand, more technical, more avant-garde. We love this industry and some of our top account managers are seasoned within the gaming industry.

Yeva: How have iGaming events changed over time? Have they been impacted by the digital and technological revolution?

I think that expos in all industries have been impacted drastically. Taking iGmaing expos as one example, we see the increase of different screens in every show, the use of interactive displays, AI interaction. The days of a normal TV screens are long gone and we only foresee this to increase and improve with time. This comes with the need for a stand that stands out. Clients do not want to exhibit for the sake of exhibiting anymore.

Yeva: How do TurnkeyExpos’ services for online events differ from their traditional counterparts?

During Covid we had to take all our events online. It was a move which, although forced due to the pandemic, was very interesting. We managed to create over 150 events online for a lot of our clients, we spent a lot of hours coming up with the perfect structures for all these events. We have kept these on our portfolio and we still offer them especially since a lot of companies have kept their ‘’home office’’ options for their teams.

I would say that some of our offline events are still ideal for conferences or meetings when people are in different parts of the world. However, we strongly believe that nothing beats the face to face expos and conferences.

Yeva: What were some of the firm’s largest projects? Which ones is TurnkeyExpos the proudest of?

I would honestly say that we are proud of every little project we did so far, I would say that the one moment which sticks out would be venturing into the US for shows like G2E Vegas and SiGMA Toronto. Working on shows like ICE in London would be a very close second.

Yeva: How does TurnkeyExpos tailor its services to each client?

An exhibition stand is incredibly personal and closely attached to every single brand/company. Our work has to be completely tailor made. Having an account manager to guide our clients through the whole period leading, during, and after the show is probably why we manage to do it so well.

Yeva: Tell us a little bit about yourself, Miguel. What do you prefer to do in your spare time after work?

Obviously being in this industry does not allow too much time off, any time not traveling or organizing shows for my clients, I choose to spend time with my family, especially my wife and daughter. I also collect wine and enjoy the odd glass, which is a good way to switch off after a busy week.

Company: TurnkeyExpos
Interviewee: Miguel Spiteri
Date: 29.03.2023

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