Want to Know How to Make Money with Bitcoin Casino?

Want to Know How to Make Money with Bitcoin Casino?

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Want to Know How to Make Money with Bitcoin Casino?

But before anything else, do take note that this by no means will not introduce any guaranteed winning strategies or scams in online gambling. Instead, we will focus on legal ways structured on business models without the chance aspect.

If you are thinking of Bitcoin casino dividends and Bitcoin casino affiliation, then you have made the correct guess. Casino dividends and affiliation are two legitimate means for online casino players to generate revenue on a given time period.

But what are dividends and affiliation?

  • Casino Dividends – This is a business model prevalent that involves players becoming shareholders as they place bets, then having the ability to claim their money with respect to their share.
  • Casino Affiliation – This is a marketing scheme that involves players who voluntarily sign up for the program to become the casino’s official affiliate or marketing partner. It requires affiliates to promote the casino and acquire new depositors, achieving which grants affiliates a commission.

As mentioned, these models are legal and proven to provide players the extra punch to boost their revenue. Almost all fiat-money and Bitcoin casinos maintain an affiliate program, while casino dividends are mostly found in crypto casinos.

Defining these dividends and affiliation, it is now best to provide actual examples and show how they work and benefit players who can now earn money while enjoying playing casino games.

Earnbet Dividends

Earnbet is one of the leading decentralized casinos today. While its name still seems fresh to the ears, it does have a rich history having initially fully operated as EOSBet. Recently rebranded, Earnbet boasts an attractive dividends model promises handsome earnings to stakers.

Everyone who plays games on Earnbet receives BET tokens, of which 1 BET is equivalent to 0.0125 BTC wagered. But those who want to get more BET tokens can purchase them on certain exchanges, including Binance DEX.

All the BET tokens players receive must be staked in order for them to earn dividends. Earnbet offers several lock-up periods, with the longest period promising the highest multiplier.

Earnbet Stake Bet Tokens

Staking BET tokens also benefits players as it lets them earn staking points. These points enable lower house edge on Earnbet games. This means that the more staking points you have, the higher reduction you can expect from the games’ house edge. At the same time, higher staking points means more dividends.

Earnbet Reduced House Edge

FortuneJack Affiliate Program

FortuneJack is a popular Bitcoin casino that features a wide array of RNG casino games, provably fair games, and sports betting options. It accepts several cryptocurrencies and provides impressive service to the growing crypto gambling community. On top of all these, its FortuneJack Affiliate Program lets partners earn as much as 60% commission every month.

This program starts paying affiliates 30% commission as the basic rate for the revenue share model. But this can go as high as 60%, with more to expect from the optional CPA and Hybrid deals.

FortuneJack Affiliates Program Commissions

Anyone is welcome to join this casino affiliate program. Everyone who gets on board will receive full access to various marketing assets provided by FortuneJack like banners, signatures, etc. – all of which designed to help you to successfully refer new players to the casino.

Joining FortuneJack Affiliate Program should be a no-brainer because it holds great reputation in the industry. In fact, their numbers prove this. It has paid out more than 886 BTC to all FortuneJack affiliates, who enjoy zero negative carryover, instant commission withdrawals, and exclusive, special bonuses, to name a few.

Those who are interested with how FortuneJack affiliates earn should take note of this formula shared by the program:

“Your monthly commission is your commission percentage multiplied by the total net revenue generated by all of the players you have referred, plus 2% of the net revenues generated by every player your sub-affiliates have referred to www.FortuneJack.com.

Net revenue is calculated as total gaming losses generated by all players you have referred, minus direct costs associated with those referred players, such as bonuses, loyalty rewards, payment fees and chargebacks.”

The program begins to calculate commissions for the previous month’s performance at the start of every month. Then it pays out affiliates within the first two weeks of every month.

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The Earnbet dividends model and FortuneJack affiliate program are just two examples of legal and chance-less ways to make money with Bitcoin casinos. If you are serious about earning money while having a blast playing casino games, then choose between these two revenue models and pick reputable casinos you want to build your financial career in iGaming with.

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