What Type of Gambling Operators Should Casino Affiliates Avoid?

What Type of Gambling Operators Should Casino Affiliates Avoid?

What Type of Gambling Operators Should Casino Affiliates Avoid?

In this article AffPapa team will try to answer one of the most frequently asked questions from casino affiliates and sportsbook affiliates:

What type of gambling operators should casino affiliates avoid?

What are the operators’ red flags that should make you reconsider partnering with them? Apart from obvious signs such as previous scandals with affiliates or unreliable web page there are more subtle warnings that affiliates shouldn’t neglect. Let’s get started:

  • Operators with unrealistic expectations – The operator that has a strong understanding of iGaming industry, acknowledges the importance of affiliates but does not rely only on them is destined to succeed. However, there are operators tat expect traffic from affiliates without investing on their products and services will drop the affiliate’s reliability.
  • Operators that don’t build strong communication with clients – The key of fruitful partnership in every field, in particular iGaming industry, is shared goals and strong, honest communication between partners. Collaborative strategy and market analysis will greatly contribute to success of partnership.
  • Inconsistent operators – We have heard from affiliates that the advertised revenue share does not always correspond to reality. In the age of high taxes, expensive licenses and continual investments in the business to stay on board it is important to have clear idea of the financial aspects of a partnership.
  • Operators that don’t treat affiliates as partners – Partners benefit from each other’s’ success and advancements, they invest in each other and contribute to the growth of their companies. The operators who understand the needs of affiliates and give them opportunity to attract new talents or develop their abilities will later benefit from the affiliate’s achievements. Thus, working with operators who are interested in only in instant traffic increase may not be the preferred partners in a long run.
  • Operators without directories to vouch for them – Established directories like AffPapa work transparently, are partnered with trustworthy operators and last but not least keep both parties accountable through their compliance system. With so many operators in the market it might be too time-consuming to conduct separate research on each of them. Therefore, using the services of reliable platforms (in case of AffPapa it is completely FREE for affiliates) will be the best option to same time and avoid losses.
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