Wild West Casino Night Will Be Held Again on the 17th of July

Wild West Casino Night Will Be Held Again on the 17th of July

Posted by: AffPapa

The well-known fundraiser casino event will be back to tradition this year at the Riverfront Community Center, Leavenworth.

The Wild West Casino Night is an annual event in the Historical Society of the Leavenworth, within the frames of which, the visitors are required to correspond to a certain ‘Wild West’ theme with their clothing especially, turning up wearing cowboy hats, boots, and other traditionally Western garments and gear.

However, the traditional event had to be withheld for over a year now, due to the risks of the pandemic.

According to the hosts, the event is a fundraiser that manages to raise more than thousands of dollars per event every year.

The collected money is directed at the preservation of the historical aspects of the Leavenworth County, Kansas.

One of the evenings’ hosts – Lisa Weakley, explained the excitement around the event:

“Wild West Casino Night is the excellent occasion to get out and have fun while contributing to a good cause.”

The event will begin at 6p.m. and will feature bingo, an auction, as well as multiple other prize and party chances.

Furthermore, each participant will be granted a beginning 5,000 dollars to buy chips and enjoy the night.

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