Will the new US president bring online poker back to the States?

Will the new US president bring online poker back to the States?

Posted by: AffPapa

A large chunk of the American population had been waiting for this special day since the last US elections 4 years ago. Things could hugely change for poker players however, for the election of Joe Biden and the omission of Donald Trump from office could possibly put an end to many years of pain.

Rumours state that Joe Biden could possibly be the best chance poker has right now of seeing the online version of the well-loved game returning to American computer screens in the near future.

Joe Biden was only recently inaugurated, but according to a report from PokerNews, the 46th United States President may look to revoke the 2018 decision that was made by the Department of Justice on the Wire Act. If so, then as was said on Online Poker Report, Biden said: “I would reverse the White House opinion that was then reversed and overruled by the court. The court is correct. That should be the prevailing position.”

Donald Trump, on the other hand, retracted on the 2011 decision from the DOJ that said the Wire Act only applied to sports betting. According to insiders, Biden will restore it, thus brining back the possibility for online poker to make a comeback. Sheldon Adelson, one of the biggest supporters of a ban on online poker, died as of late, bringing forth many calls for online poker to return.

If Biden brings back online poker, he would be guaranteed an easy ride to another four years – assuming he runs again – in the 2024 elections, with the old man of U.S. politics appealing to the younger population. In reality, his whole campaign could have been about the country dropping Trump but much of his push for the Presidency wasn’t rhetoric but forward planning for the future. It was a big risk, but a smart and observed one. He knew that if he was able to to scrape over the line, he would be guaranteed a simpler few years because the voters who put him in were from the younger demographic.

If Biden was to bring back online poker, then the road to poker’s revival in the United States would be a sure deal, and an overly-excited poker population could fully celebrate the inauguration of the new U.S. President.

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