World Cup remains the center of numerous controversies

World Cup remains the center of numerous controversies

World Cup remains the center of numerous controversies

The ongoing World Cup has been filled with controversies since its start a few days ago.

The latest controversy surrounds sports sanction threats various teams received over their decisions to wear rainbow colored arm bands that promoted inclusion for a number of LGBT communities. A number of European teams such as Germany and the Netherlands planned on wearing the OneLove bands, and at the time of writing all of them have backed down from their decision.

A joint statement from seven teams confirmed that the championship’s organizer, FIFA, has threatened them with various sports sanctions if they didn’t forgo their bands. Additionally, players wearing the bands could face being kicked off the stadium or worse consequences. The teams expressed their frustrations with FIFA, stating that they were prepared to pay any fines imposed on them if they could do so without jeopardizing their players and their performance.

The OneLove armband
The OneLove armband

FIFA responded to this statement by saying that they are an “inclusive organization” and that Qatar will welcome anyone to enjoy the event. They also mentioned that the official reasoning for their decision was their regulation that mandates team captains to wear armbands representing their teams. Despite their statements, however, many football fans remain disappointed in the organization.

Apart from this latest controversy, the championship has experienced quite a few others. One of the other notable ones was Qatar’s alleged attempt to bribe their way to a winning opening match. Despite their desires, the match ended in a 2-0 in favor of Ecuador, making their plan a miserable failure.

One of the other controversies was centered around BBC’s coverage of the opening ceremony of the event, which was replaced with a lot of criticism directed at the country and its human rights violations.

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