XB Systems reveals new public stock exchange listing

XB Systems reveals new public stock exchange listing

XB Systems reveals new public stock exchange listing

XB Systems AG has just announced a new listing for the public stock exchange as its shares were accepted into a public listing on March 15th. The company has more than 6 million issued shares which will be trading soon with a price of €6 for each share. The shares will be traded on the Vienna Stock Exchange (Wiener Boerse), listed on Direct Market Plus under the symbol “XBS”.

XB Systems AG CEO, Daniel Miller, said in a statement announcing the news:

“Today’s news is more than just the next phase in XB Systems evolution. It’s a validation for the entire potential that esports is showing over the last several years. The industry is enjoying phenomenal growth and our company’s listing will allow us to raise the profile of the business on a global scale.”

The company has been quite active in esports betting since 2017, and some might even say it is a pioneer in the scene. Its brands BUFFHUB and BUFF.bet provide esports content and betting, and have teams consisting of experts in the iGaming and betting industries. Aside from that, the latter brand has amassed lots of popularity over the fact that it has a custom-built platform which has been created by UltraPlay.

In 2020, the company witnessed an increase in the esports part of the business, as BUFF.bet saw a massive boost in player retention and acquisition, as well as an improvement in activity across esports wagering markets. The brand enhanced its portfolio of esports options last year with the addition of Valorant. Ever since that addition, the brand has been offering many options for live betting options on Valorant. Now, XB Systems is hoping that Valorant gets ranked at the top of the greatest performing esports titles throughout this year.

BUFF.bet is now looking to fuse esports and make it a main betting vertical and expand into some new areas this year, keeping its eye on Asia and Europe for the most part. Additionally, the company entered a new partnership as of late with Catena Media, which is a popular affiliate network in the industry, and this agreement boosted its traffic in many markets by more than 27%.

Since 2019, BUFF.bet has been working hard on providing constant updates and improvements for its client experience and general product selection, with its target audience being esports fans. It is also looking to become the best esports betting provider across the globe, and has actually taken over many other firms such as eSporbet, Fusion.bet and xbet.co. XB Systems is now one of the only esports betting firms that are presented on the stock exchange.

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