Allwyn partners with Vodafone to enhance UK National Lottery

Allwyn partners with Vodafone to enhance UK National Lottery

Allwyn partners with Vodafone to enhance UK National Lottery

Allwyn has entered a new agreement with Vodafone to upgrade the technological underpinnings of the British National Lottery.

Through the collaboration, the National Lottery’s underlying infrastructure will be upgraded, making its deployment process much easier and more seamless for retail associates. The telecommunications company will be providing the operator with connectivity options that will be distributed to retail establishments and kiosks all around the country.

Additionally, this collaboration will see Vodafone hosting the lottery on its local servers as well, through which Allwyn will also get a connection to the former’s offices in the United Kingdom.

The Business Director of Vodafone’s British operations, Nick Gliddon, stated:

“Technology has the potential to greatly transform businesses and enhance the experience of the players. However, despite the creation of significant advancements, many retail companies have not adopted many of the available upgrades for their lottery kiosks. We will be revitalizing the British National Lottery with Allwyn through our latest collaboration, bringing it in line with modern consumer needs. We are looking forward to a productive partnership.”

The interim Chief Executive Officer of Allwyn’s United Kingdom business, Robert Chvatal, commented:

“We are delighted to be partnering with Vodafone to enhance the technologies used by the National Lottery and its retail distributors throughout the country. Through our collaboration, we have developed a plan for the advancement and improvement of retail lottery kiosks, as a result of which retailers will receive several benefits. The National Lottery regards physical retail as an essential aspect of its growth strategy and is committed to investing in and providing equipment to assist its land-based partners in expanding their businesses. This commitment will continue throughout the next decade as we strive to offer better support to our associates.”

Allwyn will start operating the United Kingdom’s National Lottery in January of 2024 and will be responsible for the country’s state-sanctioned service for the next decade.

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