An Interim Two Kings Casino Grand Opening Took Place on Thursday

An Interim Two Kings Casino Grand Opening Took Place on Thursday

Posted by: AffPapa

Kings Mountain’s newest establishment officially, but temporarily, opened this Thursday, creating long lines immediately.

 The Catawba Native American owned facility opened its doors in Charlotte, North Carolina one the 1st of July, as an interim casino before Two Kings’ permanent casino opens.

The grand opening of the interim casino was the result of years and years of legal battles, as the Catawba tribe finally obtains the rights to open a casino on their ancestral lands in North Carolina, making it the first land-based casino in the city of Charlotte.

The interim Two Kings Casino offers an arsenal of hundreds of slot machines, and has already sparked the engagement of local players, as the lines fill up hours before the official opening.

The Catawba Natives’ Chief, Bill Harris explained about the right to travel across from South to North Carolina – the Catawba People’s rightful land:

“This marks a day of collective work and a sense of hope and justice for our people – our ancestors that lived on this land, and the generations to come”

The newly opened temporary establishment will operate while a permanent one is being built around it.

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