ASA strikes down more Ladbrokes ads

ASA strikes down more Ladbrokes ads

ASA strikes down more Ladbrokes ads

The UK’s ASA has recently banned two additional Ladbrokes advertisements.

This latest announcement follows just a week after the ASA banned one of the operator’s promoted posts on Twitter, featuring popular internet personality Jake Paul, for appealing to underage people. The authority stated that Ladbrokes’ latest advertisements were struck down for the same reason.

The two posts in question featured several Premier League team principals, with the first one featuring two pictures of Eddie Howe side-by-side with a caption comparing his performances in 2022 and 2023, while the second one featured the pictures of four team managers, along with wagering odds next to each of their names.

In its response to the complaint raised by the ASA, the operator stated that the first post was editorial and featured no promotions, betting odds, calls to action, or links to its website. The firm also stated that it reviewed the popularity of the manager, mentioning that each of Howe’s social media accounts has less than a thousand followers.

In terms of the second post, on the other hand, Ladbrokes stated that it was commercial in nature and that it was not intended to contain the images of the four managers, which went against the company’s standard advertising procedures. The firm also added that both of its promoted tweets were targeted to users above the age of 25.

The ASA struck down the operator’s two advertisements, mentioning that football team managers are considered to have a high probability of being popular with younger people. The authority added that the two posts would have been acceptable on a platform that offered a robust user verification system, however, Twitter’s self-verification solution is not up to par with the ASA’s standards.

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