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The AffPapa Team has conducted a thorough and extensive review of the AssuredBets website, which is one of the leading online valuebets websites. In this review, we have demonstrated how the website operates and mentioned all of its useful tools.

So what is AssuredBets? was launched in early 2020, and is a ValueBets generator that evaluates and guesses the different potential outcomes of many games. It also provides some great hints and tips, since it scours the internet and various betting websites for surebets.

You are able to search for assured bets in various sports depending on markets, leagues, competitions and some other criteria as well. ValueBets are one of the best ways to profit off of sports betting.

What are surebets?

Surebets are, simply put, when bets are placed in multiple sportsbooks on a bunch of different possible outcomes in order to receive income no matter how things play out.

They are pretty much bets that are placed at odds higher than the betting market’s probability. And once equipped with AssuredBets, it becomes quite easy to make profit off of this method since you are already provided with the estimate of the event’s outcome, as well as all the details you could ever need in one place.

What tools does it provide?

The website offers many different filters to help you find exactly what you are looking for. These filters include by period, competition and markets. Players are able to place bets on top leagues including football divisions in Spain, Italy, England and more… You are also able to change the way the matches are sorted in front of you, choosing between “Top Strikes” and “Soon to Start”.

The website also comes with a bets generator, in which the system chooses the best valuebets that it detects at random and provides an express betslip along with these valuebets.

What information does it give me on matches?

Once you select a certain match, you are presented with some details and extra information on the markets between both teams, as well as the average of each of the two teams (sorted by market) and explained more in detail right next to it.

⚠️ In conclusion, it’s pretty clear that AssuredBets is an amazing website to use when placing bets, in order to guarantee income no matter what the results end up being. In the realm of iGaming and sports betting, having these types of tools in hand definitely saves time and facilitates the whole process.

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