BGC voices support for new UKGC online slot rules

BGC voices support for new UKGC online slot rules

BGC voices support for new UKGC online slot rules

The Betting & Gaming Council, or BGC, has announced its support for the new gambling rules and regulations that were imposed on slots yesterday by the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC).

Starting from the 31st of October, the UKGC has stated that it will be enforcing new rules that ban autoplay on online slots as well as quickspin gameplay. These new measures will also forbid game designs including any sound effects or images and animations that ‘celebrate losses as wins’.

The BGC has said that its members are ‘determined to drive change and promote safer gambling’ after they previously committed to obey the new joint standards on game designs that were introduced in September by the BGC as part of its members’ new ‘Code of Conduct’.

Michael Dugher, chief executive of the Betting and Gaming Council, said:

“BGC members have already introduced measures including the slowing down of spin speeds and banning several gaming features which have caused concern. Among the major commitments we have already introduced are minimum game cycle speeds of 2.5 seconds, the ending of turbo play, which allows players to speed up games, and the scrapping of multi-slot play, where a player can place multiple stakes on different games at the same time. None of these new changes apply to the unsafe, unregulated black market online, but the BGC will work with the regulator, academics, consumers and individuals with lived experience of betting-related harm to identify further best practice in game design going forward, to ensure we keep up to date with changes in technology.”

In support of such changes, the BGC says that its members are now focusing their attention on improving ‘game labelling’ so they can educate players on main online casino game characteristics and risks. The BGC has repeated its previous caution to the Gambling Commission and government that the industry’s main threat is still unlicensed black market operators targeting UK consumers.

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