EGBA expects 2021 GGR increase

EGBA expects 2021 GGR increase

EGBA expects 2021 GGR increase

European Gaming and Betting Association (EGBA) announces a 7.5% rise in European GGR by the end of 2021.

Within the collaboration with H2 Gambling Capital, gambling industry’s leading consultancy, the Association evaluates the GGR €87.2 billion due to 19% rise in the virtual market worth €36.4 billion.

The Gaming and Betting Association mentions that the pandemic continues to affect the industry and, what’s more, the latest rise in virtual sector does not replenish the harm land-based sector faced in 2019 with a drop of 32 per cent.

Despite the rise of retail sector by 0.4 per cent costing €50.8bln, EGBA notices a drop of 13 per cent in land-based and virtual sector compared with the data of past the 2 years, as a result of general pandemic restrictions within 27 countries of the European Union together with the United Kingdom.EGBA expects 2021 GGR increase

What refers to sports betting, a strict drop has been noticed in gambling on sport events among the members of EGBA. Currently, pre-match betting draws 54 per cent of total gaming revenue.

The Secretary General of Gaming and Betting Association, Maarten Haijer, noted: 

“The virtual wagering market goes on to develop, whilst online markets like German, Italian, Spanish have much to develop. In mentioned markets the total amount in wagering continues to remain low. Operators tend to use the latest technologies for delivering safer wagering with the expansion of virtual gaming”.

Haijer’s explanations solace the gambling operators as his statements are confirmed with exact numbers.

As claimed by EGBA and H2 Gambling Capital, by 2026 the revenue is expected to have a rise of 41 per cent, with an increase of 9 per cent per year.

Another study by EGBA has shown that people tend to use mobile phones and tablets to bet. They claim that 50.5 percent of European bettors wagered using mentioned devices. In addition, this number is expected to rise to 61.5 percent by 2026.

Estimates come to prove that 36 per cent of European wagering space occupy the members of EGBA with €10.9 revenue.

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