EGBA joins to support the EU DSA’s flexible approach

EGBA joins to support the EU DSA’s flexible approach

Posted by: AffPapa

The European Gaming and Betting Association and other European trade organizations have joined forces to ensure that the proposed EU Digital Services Act “remains workable, balanced, and future-proof legislation.”

A total of 16 European groups representing start-ups, SMEs, technology, advertising, digital, and media organizations have made a number of critical proposals for European Parliament members to “consider.”

The statement starts with:

“We are writing to you collectively as we feel it is critical to urge the European Parliament to make its imprint in building a solid legislative digital framework for the EU.”

It continues, saying:

“We specifically allude to the Digital Services Act, which we see as a significant chance to develop a solid, modern legislative framework that would enhance the EU internal market and provide much-needed legal clarity.

“We wholeheartedly support the DSA initiative to modernize and simplify the regulations for digital intermediary service providers. With the impending vote in the Internal Market and Consumer Protection Committee approaching, we would like to call your attention to aspects that we feel must be considered if the DSA is to be given an opportunity to progress through the co-legislative process effectively and efficiently.”

Among the recommendations is a call to maintain the DSA’s horizontal approach as proposed initially by the European Commission, adding that vertical and sector-specific initiatives can then later be added where needed.

According to the group, the DSA should also protect and expand “on the fundamentals of the e-commerce directive,” like the country of origin principle, a restriction on widespread surveillance, and a conditional liability exemption for hosting providers.

Another recommendation is that the expense of complying with the DSA should not become a market access barrier for the minor providers, nor should it prevent them from entering and growing in the EU single market.

Moreover, the group asserts that the DSA should fully comply with the EU’s existing legal framework, citing data protection, consumer safety, and platform regulations, along with requesting an evaluation of the effects of any measures on targeted ads prior to suggesting strict limitations or prohibitions.

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