Entain’s gender pay gap reduced in 2021

Entain’s gender pay gap reduced in 2021

Entain’s gender pay gap reduced in  2021

Entain lowered its average hourly gender wage gap in 2021, seeking to establish a “positive workplace” for all employees.

Most of Entain’s team are females in the bottom and mid quartiles. However, when looking at the upper quartile, this figure drops to only 39.1 percent of the workforce being female. Hence, the average salary disparity was 5.3 percent, while the average hourly wage disparity was 16.2 percent (increased from 15.0 percent last year).

Jette Nygaard-Andersen was appointed CEO of Entain last year, making her the first woman in the UK-listed betting industry operators to hold such a position. 

The 2021 analysis shows the reward wage gap (69.6% of men and 62.8% of women), as several bonuses were postponed the previous year and therefore paid in 2021. 

Nygaard-Andersen stated how establishing a “positive workplace” for all employees is essential to the company’s values. The company makes sure everyone feels appreciated, acknowledged and involved in the company’s moves, which is highly mirrored in how employees are compensated, according to the CEO. She went on to say:

“We are glad to announce that our average hourly wage gap has decreased from 7.1 percent to 5.3 percent—significantly less than the national median of 15.4 percent. This mirrors gender equality in our industry, where 54% of our workers are female. “

The CEO went on to explain how the corporation has implemented plans and practices such as EnTrain and Women@Entain to help them keep on track.

Entain projects such as EnTrain, a new multi-million-pound worldwide program to boost diversity and expand access to technology, were cited by Nygaard-Andersen as part of the company’s efforts to keep on promoting women. 

EnTrain, founded last year, aims to assist people from all under-represented communities. It expands on the Foundation’s programs to assist women in technology. 

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