Gypsy Affiliates – iGaming Voice by Yeva

Gypsy Affiliates – iGaming Voice by Yeva

Gypsy Affiliates – iGaming Voice by Yeva

This week AffPapa had the opportunity to talk to Yulia Cherviakova, the Affiliate Manager of Gypsy Affiliates. She talked about the company’s expansion strategy across key iGaming markets and shared her insights on a number of ways an operator can make its affiliate program stand out from the competition.

Yeva: For the start, could you please tell us a little about GypsyAff? How did the affiliate program get started with the iGaming platform?

GypsyAff has started its path as a young company, but with a very experienced team behind it. So, what we have is 10+ years in iGaming market mixed up with a fresh view and unusual ideas. It’s a great point to start with, I would say – as you already have the vision of what to do and how to do it, at the same time bringing “new taste” and your own way to achieve that.

Yeva: What is your company’s competitive edge, in your opinion? How can you distinguish yourself from the competition in the industry?

I consider our company on a highly competitive edge. During 2 years our team has created 6 different brands that have caught the icing on the cake in different markets, and go on doing that. Very often we got compliments for eye-catching unique design, our in-house VIP and Retention teams keep players happy all the way long. There are a lot of great sides to be mentioned, in fact😄 But I’d say that our distinguishing feature is that we truly care: about each other, about our product, about our customers and about our partners. We cherish individual approaches and highly appreciate every partner as we believe that it makes a big difference. And that we constantly develop ourselves, yes, that’s super important. Every day is an opportunity to step up, to improve, to aspire for more – and we never waste this opportunity.

Yeva: What are your strongest markets? Do you intend to broaden your horizons?

Our strongest markets, for now, are without any doubt, Switzerland, Austria, Denmark, Australia. Slovenia is quite a new one, but doing great, it’s worthy to be mentioned for sure. Norway, Germany, Canada and New Zealand are doing great. Of course, we work with crypto as well. That’s not the whole list for sure. And yes, we are broadening our horizons all the time: for example, we’ve recently added new Arabic localisations to Goodman casino. Entering Asian and Latam markets is definitely a plan. In fact, having an impressive brands portfolio really helps – as you always have more options: per geo, per brand. We are constantly updating our portfolio with more new brands as well. Also, further we have in plans getting local licenses – stay tuned.

Yeva: Could you perhaps explain to us a little bit about your commission models, customer service, bonuses, and so on?

GypsyAff x AffPapa
GypsyAff and AffPapa renew year-long partnership

Our commission models are simple, but solid: those are mostly CPA, Revenue Share and hybrid deals. But sometimes we consider some additional options – depending on a case. I’d like to highlight that we are completely flexible in this, and ready to discuss all the possible options when we can see it is really worth that, and helps keep cooperation in a win-win way. Talking about our Customer service, as I’ve mentioned before, we have our lovely in-house VIP and Retention teams – and players are in safe hands with them. We do our best to meet each player’s needs, and of course with all the market’s peculiarities taken into consideration. Each small thing matters and makes a difference. Of course, players are provided with 24/7 support. Of course, all the above matters not only to players, but to our partners as well – as due to the strong schemes we are using in Customer Care, conversions are constantly increasing. Talking about bonuses – at our brands there can be found a lot of different options – match bonuses, live cashback, crypto cashback, special Highroller bonuses, unique VIP bonuses, and many more. We are constantly researching different markets to create new bonus options per each geo to keep players the most satisfied. We are open to creating exclusive bonuses for our partners up to their requests as well – makes an impact that we can’t deny.

Yeva: How did GypsyAff make a name for itself in the industry? Wasn’t it challenging to get into an already established market teeming with “big sharks”?

GypsyAff has made it due to a lot of coffee that we drink daily 😂 Well, to be serious, I think what really helped is being reliable, trustworthy, creative, open-minded, dedicated to what we do – and constant effort to not “just do it”, but do it well (and better, and better, and better). It is challenging being a “baby shark” among the “big sharks”, but it’s a beautiful challenge ❤️ We love it 😄 But at the same time, as I’ve already mentioned, we have a very strong team with many years of experience in the industry – so we had a very powerful beginning, and looking at the years behind, our further way is even more powerful and more is yet to come. Without any doubt, Gypsy has a very high and confident position in the industry now.

Yeva: Yulia, you’ve been with GypsyAff since the very beginning. What have been the most difficult challenges you have faced while working with the brand?

Joining GypsyAff has been a great decision. For me, that was my “very beginning” not just at our company – but in the industry in general. It felt right for me since the very start – and still is, like it’s always been this way. What can I say, making steps into something new is always equal to dare – but it is 1000% worth it.

Yeva: Let us now discuss responsible and ethical gaming. What does Gypsyaff do to help with this? Are your brands licensed and regulated?

Of course, all of our brands are licensed and regulated: for now, those are Malta and Curaçao gaming licenses, and as I’ve mentioned before, local licenses are part of the plan too.

Yeva: Tell us about your core values as an affiliate program? Has it changed over time?

Our values are solid as a rock. And everything is based on trust, opened mind and development. Like in any relationship, we and our partners have to be confident in each other, which in its turn, helps us open new horizons together and stay with each other for a longer perspective. You can describe so many things, but when you have amazing ideas and reliable people to fulfill them with – isn’t it amazing?

Yeva: If you had a time machine and could travel to the future, where would you like to find GypsyAff in 5 years?

Haha that’s a good one. Market is changing so fast, and in many cases we just need to adjust, make an immediate reaction. But I am sure that in 5 years there will be definitely more options with crypto, a few local licenses and for sure more brands 😄 Due to the constant development, our team is growing, and brands spectrum is growing as well. Coming back to our “shark” analogy, I can see Gypsy as a really, really big shark in the industry.

Yeva: Lastly, we’d want to know more about you, Yulia. Why did you choose to be part of the iGaming world? And what are your passions outside of work?

Answering your first question – I had no particular reason for that, but was very curious and interested, had a feeling that I want to make this step – and I did. My passion outside of work is work. Joking Well, I am quite simple: yoga, music, good movies. I am keen on art and theatre. I am very down-to-earth when it is about eating some tasty food (can it be considered as my passion?😂). I adore nature and especially I love the sea – can watch the waves hitting the shore for hours. And of course, reading. Oh, reading❤️ I love painting and playing the piano – but I hardly ever do that – maybe one of my New Year resolutions had to be about these two, hehe. And also, I like learning new languages. That’s it

Company: Gypsy Affiliates
Interviewee: Yulia Cherviakova
Date: 14.02.2023

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