Interview with David Harris – B2B Affiliate Team Manager at ReferOn

Interview with David Harris – B2B Affiliate Team Manager at ReferOn

Interview with David Harris – B2B Affiliate Team Manager at ReferOn

AffPapa recently interviewed the B2B Affiliate Team Manager of ReferOn, David Harris, who talked about the importance of marketing and player acquisition to achieve growth in the industry and shared his insights into how an affiliate management solution can help operators expand.

Yeva: To start off, let’s briefly introduce ReferOn to our readers. What does ReferOn offer to its clients, and how do the company’s solutions stand out from the competition, David?

To make it super simple to start with, ReferOn provides an easy solution for the management of affiliates. It has dynamic reporting and intuitive dashboards, allowing users to quickly make data-driven decisions. ReferOn is also great for setting up flexible reward deals and therefore optimising affiliate marketing operations in general.

Yeva: One of the key drivers of growth for an iGaming operator is its marketing and player acquisition efforts. In your view, how important are affiliate management systems, such as the one offered by ReferOn, in a gambling firm’s expansion journey?

Affiliate marketing system plays a critical role in the development of any iGaming business – that is why a flexible environment is important – it will help in finding insights and ways to expand the audience of new players, increase conversion through choosing the right partner, and create an attractive campaign, the management of which should be smooth but clear.

Furthermore, affiliate management systems are needed to manage the process of rewarding and payments, and lastly, an access point to affiliates so they see what’s going on too.

Yeva: Continuing on the topic of affiliate management, what do you think is the right time in an upstart iGaming operator’s growth journey for them to implement an affiliate management system, David?

Without having a bias here – it should be from the very start. An affiliate system is the foundation of managing your affiliate base through campaigns, rewarding, and reports. The better the tool, the better the foundation. Creating a strong foundation in ReferOn via its campaign management and rewarding capabilities makes it easy to review campaigns from the start and initiate deals. In addition, users have the flexibility of setting up campaigns for future use and easily coming back to the links and seeing when they are going live.

Yeva: One of the most important things in affiliate marketing is data and affiliate tracking. How can ReferOn’s solutions help iGaming companies optimize their marketing efforts?

ReferOn offers dynamic, pivot-style reports and flexible dashboards that will help the user monitor the necessary indicators in a comfortable way, while quickly making data-driven decisions. ReferOn has also implemented a unique reward mechanism that will simplify the work of administering campaign payouts down to the tracker and also changing deals on-the-fly if the admin user needs. Even more data on the effectiveness of the marketing campaigns can also be obtained through API reports, and you will receive additional insights on the effectiveness of campaigns through built-in media monitoring; be it by day, by brand, or by geo – ReferOn APIs are fully flexible.

Yeva: As iGaming companies expand across the globe and deliver their experiences in markets with different regulations and customer interests, many operators value customization options highly in their campaigns. What level of customization do ReferOn’s solutions offer?

In addition to fine-grained targeting, personalized rewarding, and dynamic reporting, ReferOn allows operators to scale affiliate marketing strategies across completely different markets, targeting customer interests in different regions – a critical requirement for global expansion opportunities. ReferOn also has a data control system for organizing secure sharing of information with partners and clients, which is important for organizing campaigns in different regions, taking into account regional features such as regulation.

Yeva: While affiliate marketing provides iGaming companies with excellent growth opportunities, it does have a few challenges, such as affiliate fraud. How can ReferOn’s solutions help iGaming operators avoid fraudulent affiliates, David?

With our real-time analytics reports, you can track various anomalies in the area of conversion traffic and unusual user activity – especially in-line with the CPA baseline, and quickly stop the source of possible problems before they get worse. You can also check reports across GEOs and see if that is the target market and act accordingly.

Yeva: To bring our interview to a close, let’s change the topic of our conversation a bit. What do you enjoy doing in your spare time, David? Could you share a few of your interests and hobbies with our audience?

Outside of work, I like to keep busy; whether it is organizing my own social events – Fenkatas, BBQs, quiz nights, etc, planning my next holiday, or planning regular walks with a small rambling group I have put together. In the summer months, I swap a bit, and as I am based in Malta, I go swimming or kayaking out in the Mediterranean Sea as much as I can. In my off time, it’s catching up with the latest Marvel or Star Wars series, playing video games, doing puzzles, and seeing friends and family.

Company: ReferOn
Interviewee: David Harris
Date: 03.01.2024

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