MioMedia talks about its collaboration with ReferOn

MioMedia talks about its collaboration with ReferOn

MioMedia talks about its collaboration with ReferOn

Managing affiliate partnerships can be difficult when using traditional, unclear methods, especially when dealing with multiple brands with different needs. MioMedia looked for new ways to solve these challenges and found ReferOn, a state-of-the-art affiliate management system that promised to transform its approach.

Seeking seamless integration

When asked about the driving force behind the collaboration, Helen Reginia, Head of Affiliates at MioMedia, explained:

“The integration with ReferOn allowed us to provide valuable features such as the ability to track statistics on a daily basis, view splits based on different factors like geographic regions, media items, and traffic types, and have real-time updates without delays or loading problems.”

Before this partnership, MioMedia, like many others, relied on manual processes for affiliate management. From manually tracking performance metrics using spreadsheets to facilitating the business’s payments, reporting, and analytics without real-time insights, the process was tedious and often riddled with errors.

ReferOn, on the other hand, actively positions itself as a game-changer in the affiliate management world. It offers a comprehensive set of advantages that no other affiliate management system on the market has, such as the capacity to manage large networks of companies with a high degree of efficacy, flexible analytical and reporting capabilities, high-quality trackers, and a top-quality proprietary rewarding engine.

High-quality affiliate management interfaces like the one offered by ReferOn are quite important for the success of gambling operators. They provide quite a lot of assistance to operators for their campaign monitoring and optimization efforts, and also help them make educated decisions driven by data.

Navigating the integration process

MioMedia’s integration with ReferOn wasn’t without its challenges. Maintaining tracking during the transition process, ensuring every player was migrated accurately, and meeting specific XML and variable requirements were all crucial tasks that needed to be handled with extra care to make sure the integration process would not disrupt any operations.

David Harris, Program Tech Team Lead at ReferOn, highlighted the initial obstacles:

“As MioMedia was the first client on ReferOn, it did come with a few challenges, especially during the initial planning phases. However, once these were resolved and mapped out, we adopted a phased approach for migration. After two weeks of observation, we continued with the rest of the data migration.”

Despite the initial challenges, with rigorous testing, extensive planning, and collaborative efforts, they achieved a seamless integration.

User experience at its finest

For both affiliates and admin users, ReferOn offers an unparalleled user experience. Affiliates have access to a comprehensive dashboard, performance tracking, marketing materials, reports, analytics, and a convenient payment information interface. Admin users, on the other hand, are equipped with a robust dashboard, advanced analytics, and various tools for affiliate management, marketing, compliance, fraud detection, and customization. All of this is wrapped up in an intuitive, user-friendly interface.

Helen Reginia of MioMedia noted:

“Quick actions, statistics toggle, gadgets, search bar, bulk actions, dynamic reports with presets, and API accessibility have been particularly innovative and useful.”

However, just like with any new software, MioMedia’s team required some guidance during the transition period.

ReferOn’s David Harris elaborated:

“We arranged a series of workshops with a number of affiliates to discuss the pending move… This was a great opportunity to get a feel from the affiliate side and gave them the opportunity to speak directly to the development team.”

So, ReferOn offers more than simply robust capabilities – they are coupled with dedicated support, which ensures the potential of the platform is realized to its fullest.

The aftermath: a game-changer for MioMedia

Post-integration, MioMedia observed immediate benefits like more effective analytics of click-guarantee deals and the ability to separate clicks between geos. The platform made daily routines faster, and analytics could be drilled down to various levels.

When asked about the feedback from affiliates, David Harris mentioned:

“Feedback is very positive with most stating the added transparency of the system makes it far easier to review stats and obtain trackers compared to the older system.”

Would MioMedia recommend ReferOn to other businesses? Based on their positive experience and the numerous features of ReferOn, such as its user-friendly interface, efficient tracking, reliable performance, automation capabilities, customization options, and robust support, it’s safe to say that MioMedia sees the value in ReferOn for other businesses as well.

The collaboration between MioMedia and ReferOn highlights the way technology can transform and streamline complex processes in the world of affiliate marketing. Through mutual understanding, rigorous testing, and continuous feedback, both companies have paved the way for a more efficient future in affiliate management.

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