Laila Mintas’s reponse to PlayUp accusations

Laila Mintas’s reponse to PlayUp accusations

Laila Mintas’s reponse to PlayUp accusations

PlayUp’s former CEO Dr Laila Mintas has denied the accusations about harming the business.

As stated by the executive, the advocates make responses to the accusations of PlayUp that secured the restraining order against Mintas given by the US District court of Nevada.

She is accused of threatening to harm the company’s reputation to gaming operators, business partners and clients, as well as “to burn the company to the ground”. Apart from that, she is accused of being the reason for collapsing a deal of a $450 million sale by warning about some “systematic problems” the company had.

Responding to the accusations, Mintas claims that they are not true. Mintas said that she was still the main stockholder in the company investing sums of seven-figure in PlayUp.

“The accusations are nonsense. I would never destroy the deal of selling PlayUp as I am one of the stockholders who would benefit from the deal.”

said Mintas to iGB.

Commenting on the cancellation of the sale Mintas noted that the operator presented an email mentioning the reasons why the sale was rejected. She guaranteed to submit it to the court.

She noted that she could not comment fully as she was banned according to the terms of restraining order. Mintas pointed out the work she had done since July 2020 after taking the role of the PlayUp’s CEO.

As stated by Mintas, she had built the company ‘from nothing’ and was the only employee from the US for a year and a half. She succeeded to establish a professional team and control the launches of the brand in New Jersey and Colorado.

She mentioned:

I tried hard and succeeded to create a valuation costing more than $400 million. And it says a lot when someone tries to stand in your way.”

The restraining order forces Mintas to respond till 13 of December, meanwhile the company is required to file the response till 15 of December. 

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