Leo Vegas’s Long-Awaited Entry into the US Market

Leo Vegas’s Long-Awaited Entry into the US Market

Leo Vegas’s Long-Awaited Entry into the US Market

One of the most prominent names in the iGaming industry, Stockholm-based LeoVegas will debut in the US market following the partnership agreement with Caesars Entertainment.

LeoVegas will offer its iGaming products in New Jersey, the home of the famous Atlantic City and the largest iGaming market in the country. LeoVegas’s Rhino platform will present its products and services to the US players at the beginning of the next year.

New Jersey’s favorable gambling regulations and taxes make it especially attractive in the eyes of operators. The corporation believes that entry into the US market is a strategic move as it will become the largest regulated market in the world.

Rhino, which production and products belong entirely to LeoVegas, meets the registration requirements and will start providing American customers with an exclusive gaming experience.

The CEO and Co-Founder of LeoVegas, Mr. Gustaf Hagman says that the company is proud to launch in the United States further saying that

The group paid special attention to the timing and partner, and made the right choice. The US iGaming industry is rapidly expanding engaging more and more customers. LeoVegas will remain loyal to its style and continue providing the customers with high-quality and cutting-edge mobile games.

Mr. Hagman also highlights the importance of debuting in the US market with Rhino as owning every stage of the production and release has already ensured LeoVegas’s success in other markets.

The new market regulations in Germany continued to affect the group’s performance during the Q1 of 2021. LeoVegas’s comprehensive Q1 report explained the whole impact of headwinds and new legislation on the corporation’s revenue and market diversification.

LeoVegas’s home market continues to show its trust and appreciation towards the iGaming operator. During the first 4 months of 2021, the corporation’s stats in Scandinavia grew for the first time since the lockdown.

Learn more about LeoVegas’s Q1 report here.

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