MD Jonas Warrer’s insight on GiG Media’s Q3 growth

MD Jonas Warrer’s insight on GiG Media’s Q3 growth

MD Jonas Warrer’s insight on GiG Media’s Q3 growth

Gaming Innovation Group (GiG) and its media outlet GiG Media, have seen exceptional growth in their Q3 results and GIG Media has its unique place in this progress through its leads generation.  

After GiG acquired Rebel Penguin, its CEO and founder Jonas Warrer joined GiG Media as a Managing director to record outstanding results already for his first year in tenure.  

GiG Media’s key revenue figures for the third quarter in 2020 are stable with 7% year-over-year results (YOY)This success has continued even during the difficult times of COVID-19 with 50% and 10% of increase in its YOY and quarter on quarter (Q/Q) respectively.  

Warrer thinks that this boost in the first half of 2020 marks the hard work of GiG Media’s team, despite the global market difficulties in 2020 for the betting and iGaming industry. 

GiG and its World Sports Network ( have also expanded their presence in the US with officially recording its success in the Q3 balance sheet CEO Richard Brown, who appointed Warrer as his successor, highlights this win as testimony to their team’s successful operational activities.  

Currently World Sports Network ( enjoys an affiliate license for West Virginia to add up to its growth across the paid media. GiG Media has been fully operational in eight US states (New Jersey, Indiana, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Iowa, Colorado, Illinois, and Nevada) and by the time of Q3 closure got its official license for operation in Tennessee as well.  

When talking about its solid presence in the US market Warrer also speaks on their licenses acquired in New Jersey and Pennsylvania through GiG’s online casino guide Casino Tops Online ( 

This comes to evidence GiG’s hard work on strengthening their diversification approaches through various media services to efficiently counter the challenges of COVID-19.  With global sports events cancelled and rapid changes in the market Warrer sees diversification as the key to reduce any negative impact in the gaming industryThat’s why through its lean and agile organization and focus on the US market GiG Media will continue on its much broader geography. 

Already a year ago GiG diversified its portfolio in terms of both channels and markets to diminish any risk coming from narrow focus on a single market. GiG Media intends to enhance its diversification strategy to further keep up its revenue base and reach for a global presence in both publishing and paid media.  

Positive results for Q3 leave Warrer optimistic for the prospects of 2021, who predicts future significant growth in the paid media segment and feels “confident that this segment will continue to develop positively” backing up GiG Media’s solid progress. 

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