South Dakota Governor signs bill for sports betting legalization

South Dakota Governor signs bill for sports betting legalization

Posted by: AffPapa

South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem has officially signed a bill that is set to render sports betting legal in the city of Deadwood.

This bill was first introduced back in January and it builds on current laws, which will allow the players in the city of Deadwood to be able to place legal sports wagers in the city, which will be the only part of the entire state to have legal gambling. All players need to physically register at an approved and licenced casino in Deadwood, and they will then be allowed to bet through mobile in the casino.

The licences for providing sports betting services will cost $2,000, as well as a yearly renewal fee that also costs $2,000 in order to keep the licence. However, the bill did not mention the amount of tax that these operators will have to pay, or the number of licences to be given out. 

Aside from that, players will be allowed to place bets legally on any kind of sport, except for high school sports, college sports within the state and minor league sports. It will also not be allowed to wager on individual college athletes. The passage of this bill follows the vote of citizens in the state in November of 2020, after they voted 58.5% to 41.5% in favour of the legalization of sports betting.

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