Statistics of online casino game players

Statistics of online casino game players

Statistics of online casino game players

A big change has seen within  Endorphina and a number of such casino software providers after the 2020 pandemic outbreak. Restrictions remarkably affected the world betting industry.

For instance, casino players started to use online platforms to play live card games, slots and bet on sports events while sitting at home. Accessible websites change the perspectives of the industry, and some states miss strict laws. This research is to show the statistics of online betters for better imagining the online gambling industry.

Statistics of 2020

Minimum 26% of the world population or 1.6 billion are betting—around 4.2 billion bets one or more times per year. As for the UK, 17% of the population bets online.

From April to September 2020, the Gross Gambling Yield was £5.9 billion in the UK, and £3.1 billion was from the online betting sector. This income was generated from sports betting, lotteries as well as poker games.

Online betting markets of the United Kingdom are Paddy Power Betfair Plc, Ladbrokes Coral Group Plc, Bet365 Group Ltd as well as William Hill Plc.

The UK websites providing online betting are Betway, Dream Vegas, Yeti Casino, Mr. Mega, and Mansion Casino as well. The growing mainstream is global and does not only relate to Europe. According to Global Poker, since March 2020, after the lockdown, the United States had a 255% increase in poker players.

Casino players’ motives

Lots of land-based casinos got closed in order to restrain the spread of COVID. People lost their jobs, had to sit at home and this situation, together with other factors, forced people to try the platforms offering online betting. It doesn’t matter why people bet: to earn money or to spend time. There are three main areas to focus on: wagering laws, mobile access, and web-based technologies.

As for gambling laws, countries had the opportunity and made changes. For example, Belarus made gambling legal, and Armenia mitigated betting laws.

What relates to mobile access, much increase is noticed in mobile devices applying online gambling. Rub90 portal conducted research which stated that 117% increase occurred in betters using mobile technologies throughout 2012 and 2018. As a result of the pandemic, this number has greatly increased. 

Casinos have integrated a number of mobile-friendly websites which involve free spins and bonuses. Blockchain and the Internet of Things have completed a revolution in the online betting industry, including games such as the Gear and Slotsmillion. These games annihilate all the need to go to land-based casinos for wagering.

The new “normal”

The pandemic made big changes in online wagering, but it is only one of the many factors that drive changes in this industry. 


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