The Entain Foundation Unites with ‘Chance for Children’

The Entain Foundation Unites with ‘Chance for Children’

Posted by: AffPapa

The Entain Foundation  started a new project to assist 600 children from Ghana and Accra lacking school experience and ensure their primary education. United with the foundation, Chance for Childhood, they launch a project referring to 10 Ghanaian public primary schools lacking financial resources, naming the project as ‘Change the first 1000 days’.

The latter will highly improve the teachers’ performance directed to children with disabilities in comprehensive schools. It aims to broaden children’s outlook both intellectually and socially.

The Entain CEO, Jette Nygaard, highlighted:

We aim to strengthen the Entain Foundation and pay the society off all over the world. We are glad to be part of this precious life-changing experience.

The first implementations of the project are planned to carry in Accra as an urban atmosphere. We are to evaluate the possible risks to the learning process, which has crucially increased in the conditions of COVID-19.

In addition to other factors, the Entain Foundation will focus on children of society’s vulnerable group.

‘Chance for Children’ co-CEO, Anna-mai Andrews mentioned: 

We are incredibly jubilant to combine the Entain Foundation and our resources to impact by improving in-destitution-appeared children’s living conditions.

Chance for Children carried charitable activities to assist children coping with rough situations such as being homeless or having disabilities.


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