The Latest Innovation from Enteractive – Engager

The Latest Innovation from Enteractive – Engager

The Latest Innovation from Enteractive – Engager

Enteractive, which helps the iGaming industry businesses to reactivate and retain customers, has introduced its latest product, Engager. Engager will be a part of (Re)Activation Cloud: the company’s customer care solution platform.

Engager is a major step forward in direction of customer relationship management personalization not only for Enteractive but the whole industry. With the usage of the latest technological advancements and human interaction Engager will be able to reach an unprecedented level of inactive clients. The operators will also receive customer feedback to improve their CRM.

Engager can be personalized for each operator to match their style and meet their specific needs. Engager’s professionals will contact the customers via their preferred means of communication let is be a call or chat.

Enteractive Malta Ltd’s Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer Mr. Mikael Hansson talked about the development of Engager noting that

Engager combines the results of Engager’s years of expertise and customer feedback. The new user-oriented product will offer personalized treatment to each and inactive player.

Engager’s AI response generator will direct the clients to their favored type of communication – texting or calling. The multilingual platform can be integrated into the operators’ business-to-consumer pages and the results of contacts with clients will be analyzed with operators.

Mr. Hansson further explains their revolutionary novelty saying that

Even though some skeptics believed that Engager’s personalization level would be unattainable to too pricy, the results prove Enteractive’s efficiency. The operators note almost instant net income growth after implementing their platforms.

It is hardly surprising that Enteractive’s innovative approaches and professional team made it one of the most successful player activation and traffic generation platforms.

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