The Celebration of a Happy Anniversary of Enteractive and Betsson Group

The Celebration of a Happy Anniversary of Enteractive and Betsson Group

The Celebration of a Happy Anniversary of Enteractive and Betsson Group

A company is sometimes not able to survive without the help of other organizations, or participating partners. When a brand is on its own, to head-start it, it can become hard to qualify and further immerse themselves into the future of marketing.

But if you have good support, you will be able to have a successful organization, and start striving to work with other successful companies. This is why iGaming Operator Enteractive and Betsson Group chose to come together, in 2009, creating about 10 years of a strong partnership together. Enteractive has helped players of Betsson Group with their services, in once again reactivating heat in revenue and customer satisfaction! The meeting event took place in the Malta office Headquarters, with a silver plate reading both companies names and a champagne to highlight the night.

This 12 year partnership within them had Mikael Hansson present, CEO of Enteractive, as well as CEO of Betsson Group, Jesper Svensson, with the rest of the team. A large number of 2.4 million minutes has been spent by Enteractive agents speaking to Betsson Group customers.

“We are noticing higher numbers of engagement within customers, with guaranteed returning players, exactly as we were looking for,”

comments Jesper Svensson while talking about their rewarding collaboration.

The well known brand Enteractive, is a key iGaming operator, that helps companies track their player revenue, fraudulent activity and gain a more personalized customer to associate experience. They have an approach that concentrates on individuals who seem to slowly disperse away from gaming or forget their created accounts, unable to reopen them back.

As on many sites, Player Engagement is distributed through SMS or email notification systems, that an audience normally ignores. As many players may also have trouble with their services, such as questions on the games and applications, Enteractive is here to help you with its Reactivation Cloud Platform technology.

It’s been a strong partner with Betsson Group, who has about 2,000 employees globally, with product development in the first field of their services. They have offices in locations such as Bogota, Sao Paolo, Malta and more. They offer Sportsbook, Casino and Games available via obtaining licenses. The Sportsbook alone offers 200,000 events per year, from Champions League Football and Trotting. Gaming is offered within multiple brands, like Betsafe, NordicBet and Casinoeuro. As we see here, great thinkers coming together always makes room for promised innovation, that is guaranteed to succeed.

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