UKGC’s Tim Miller highlights the importance of collaboration

UKGC’s Tim Miller highlights the importance of collaboration

UKGC’s Tim Miller highlights the importance of collaboration

During a recent speech at the G2E expo in Las Vegas, UKGC Executive Director Tim Miller talked about the importance of collaboration for regulatory authorities.

Miller started his speech at the show by giving a quick overview of the gambling industry in the United Kingdom. He explored the market’s growth over the last decade, particularly highlighting the size and frequency increase of the UKGC’s regulatory actions. He mentioned that in the last financial year, the authority broke its record for the highest-ever fines issued twice.

The Director then talked about the industry’s expanding nature, mentioning that many of the companies that received record-breaking fines over the last few years in the UK are now aiming to expand their operations into a variety of jurisdictions in North America. Because of this, Miller stated that partnerships between international gambling authorities are vital to ensure the safety of players around the world.

He highlighted that because of the varying state of gambling regulation across the world, many legal operators working in a particular set of markets could be a part of the unauthorized black market of another set of jurisdictions. The director remarked that more collaborations and support between worldwide regulatory authorities will enable them to accomplish their tasks more effectively and ensure that violating businesses are held accountable.

Miller mentioned that the UKGC is always looking to partner with emerging regulatory authorities around the world to help them establish their frameworks and protect their local players. He mentioned that the UKGC is also working towards establishing a stronger relationship between two major North American and European regulatory associations, the NAGRA and the GREF, in addition to being close to signing collaboration agreements with several American regulatory authorities.

The Director concluded his speech by briefly talking about the UKGC’s progress in implementing the changes proposed by the UK government’s white paper, mentioning that the authority has already launched several consultations to determine the best ways to implement the proposed changes.

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