What Comes After? New Affter Affiliate Program Features

What Comes After? New Affter Affiliate Program Features

What Comes After? New Affter Affiliate Program Features

It seems that new trendsetters have appeared on the affiliate market. On August 24th, public were overrun by the high-profile release of the new Affter affiliate program. The bold hint of turning the whole affiliate sphere upside down with the key question “what is after?” was just one among many triggers in the video.

What is new luxury? Why not every affiliate will be able to work with the new affiliate program? How to get the coveted invitation? Who is at the head of Affter? Keep reading to get answers to all these and other exciting questions.

Features of the Affter Brand

Despite being new to the world of affiliate marketing, Affter is a brand built by a team with 6+ years of success in the iGaming market. With their expertise and solid track record, Affter is able to close deals with the biggest brands in the niche taking its affiliates to a whole new level. As of now, Affter is already a one-of-a-kind reseller of recently introduced iGaming offers to the market. And some teams can test these offsets right today.

Here are a few reasons why you should consider the affiliate program right now:

  • Various betting and gambling offers including those popular in the market and exclusive options (available only through Affter network).
  • Wide range of GEO: CIS, Tier-1 and Tier-2 countries.
  • Different payment models: CPA, RevShare (with 25% by default and up to 45%), Hybrid (CPA + RS).
  • Proprietary platform with user-friendly interface and advanced features including S2S Postback, promotional materials, banners and creatives, as well as detailed statistics.
  • Support for popular payment methods: cryptocurrency (Bitcoin) and bank cards, with minimum cashout amount from USD 100.
  • In-house media buying.
  • High chances to get an exclusive invitation to join a closed community with special promo codes prepared especially for the release.

A professional approach and well-familiar affiliate managers are important features of Affter. By joining the affiliate program, an affiliate will get advanced opportunities for monetization: a lot of exclusive gambling/betting offers, wide range of GEOs and big caps for the top performing ones. Understanding of all potential risks and willingness to take them is the main value and advantage of the affiliate program.

Invite-Only – How to Become an Affter Affiliate
To get started with Affter, you need to get a promo code provided by managers and/or brand ambassadors. Alternatively, you can also be invited by recommendation from a trusted affiliate or an affiliate community opinion leader at networking events or conferences.

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Yuliya (Head of Resale) and Kristina (Marketing Director) are managers and brand ambassadors who were featured in the video release. The key message of the video – along with the stylish visuals and the introduction of the new rules of the game – is to send a personalized invitation to the affiliate community to Affter, and it is addressed to those who are not yet under the spotlight. The top affiliate teams have already received their invitations in deluxe boxes prior to the release.

“Our community is exclusive and limited. We strive to bring the tops together. This kind of workflow is not bound by brand arrogance, but only emphasizes the focus on cooperation with quality and verified traffic only. Once affiliates are in Affter’s spotlight, they get exclusive treatment”

remarked Kristina Storozhyk, Affter’s Marketing Director.

“How would I describe our brand? Affter is a new luxury. An affiliate program that combines intelligence and style. This will be evident in our approach to working with affiliates, as well as in the benefits we provide. The main goal is to highlight partners’ expertise and give them a platform for quality networking. Earnings? It’s natural.
Limited access means unlimited opportunities and benefits”

commented Yuliya Donska, the Head of Resale at Affter.

Behind the Scenes
iGaming remains one of the most potentially lucrative and rapidly changing industries. The events that unfolded around a major betting operator 6 months ago proved the market’s high volatility. While strategic planning is an integral part of a successful business, adapting to fluctuating market conditions is crucial to success and competitiveness.

“The team and its expertise have always been a core value of PMAffiliates. With thousands of successful cases, conferences and a focus on building mutually beneficial relationships, we have always provided the best possible earning environment for our affiliates. For many years, our team has provided affiliate marketing services for the Parimatch franchise, our client. However, the success of our affiliate program has not only been due to the strength of the major brand but the team. With the current market turbulence, there were some concerns about further scaling and development. And we were able to find an optimal solution for both sides: the strong team got even more tools for further growth. Maurizio Aschero, partner of the independent affiliate program Affter, made a deal with a part of the PMA team, thus opening for himself another business vector in the form of affiliate marketing. Our team developed the Affter brand and all further management processes are also on our side.
As of the current date, PMA will cease its active presence in the market and transfer part of its activities and obligations to the Affter. As fulfilment of obligations to affiliates is our fundamental principle, all cumulative payments on RevShare and Hybrid deals concluded by the PMAffiliates team will be made as standard”

stated Maxim Makovetskyi, the Head of Affiliates at Affter.

Maurizio Aschero, seasoned CEO with a long history of management in the marketing industry. Terms of the deal were not disclosed by the parties involved.

Get pass promo code from Affpapa:
Affpapa_001. Then go to affter.com and enter your promo code in the appropriate field. Please note that our promo code works as a pass for pre-moderation, with the final approval decision being made on the affiliate program side. The promo code is valid for the first ten registrations only.

Near Future Plans
The team behind the brand promises to make its first appearance on the market as vibrant as the release video. Attend the SiGMA Cyprus conference this September and find an interactive Affter promotional zone as well as the opportunity to receive your exclusive invitation-pass to the affiliate program.

Come to the spotlight, shine even brighter!

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