Ygam reports on its impact in 2022

Ygam reports on its impact in 2022

Ygam reports on its impact in 2022

Ygam has recently published a report detailing its impact in 2022.

The year has proven to be quite a successful period of growth for the charity, as its education initiatives have impacted lots of people in the United Kingdom.

The report’s most noteworthy figures start with an estimated 1.9 million young adults and children reached. The charity also trained nearly 5000 delegates and 3000 teachers and other social workers.

Ygam also reported a significant increase in the teachers’ confidence in talking about gambling harms to children. Only about 33% of participants felt comfortable talking about these issues with young people before the training, while after the workshops over 96% of teachers felt adequately qualified to do so.

Similarly, the training also made participants more confident in their abilities to support children with gambling harms, going from an initial 25% to over 98% after the workshops.

Moreover, Ygam provided resources for parents as well, which boosted their confidence in spotting various signs of gambling harm immensely. Before the workshops, only under 15% of parents could spot those signs, while after the training nearly 95% of them felt confident in their abilities.

“We are delighted to have had such a successful year. As we are dedicated to educating as many people as possible in the country, and helping young people stay safe from gambling harms, it is exciting for us to see the results of our work. We are looking forward to reaching even more people next year.”

remarked the CEO of Ygam, Dr. Jane Rigbye.

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